Review – Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Review – Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

In this review, we venture into the grim, dark future of 2007 and strap on the cyberized boots of Sergeant Rex Power Colt.

ESRB Rating: Mature (17+) – Violence, Blood, Sexual Content, Nudity, Strong Language

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  1. Farcry games are fun but this game is a whole nother level of fun its my second favorite expansion behind the witcher 3 expansions

  2. Odd. I actually used the bow regularly instead of the handgun bc it is a guaranteed one-hit-kill (with the exception of elite soldiers, flamethrowers and armored soldiers).

  3. According to recent reviews I have seen, this game has received a lot of crap for requiring UPlay, which causes it to crash or not load at all. If that is true, is there a way I can get around needing UPlay to play this game?

  4. DW, if you ever liked Ultima Online, you should try out Mortal Online. It's similar with 3D graphics and a first person perspective.

  5. The semi-automatic sniper rifle with explosive shells is straight from Robocop DW. I though you'd realize that.

  6. Yeah DW. This game was as much fun as Duke Nukem 3D. It's truly an FPS masterpiece this game. At least Ubisoft hasn't started milking this Blood Dragon theme into a franchise yet.

  7. I pretty much agree with everything in the review.  Easily my favourite downloadable game last year, and maybe my favourite game soundtrack of that year too!  It was pretty much everything i wanted it to be, would have been gutted if it all was really just a joke.  I'm surprised its taken this long for someone to go crazy with this kind of idea.  Despite the whole thing being one big cliche its self-awareness makes it work and makes it stand out.  I certainly hope we havn't seen the last of rex colt. ^_^

  8. Just so you know FC3 is $14 on amazon right now…picked it up the instant I saw it on sale.

    Its a digital key for steam. 

  9. What!?! DWTerminator gave a perfect score? This is a rare occasion. Must be an epic game to get praise from DW

  10. Thanks for this review! I was not convinved to get this game at first, because it looked just silly, but I'm so f-ing happy that I got this game now!

    Am I the only one who was laughing like a maniac during the fight before the bossfight (IMMA FIRING MAH LAZOR!)?

    That was simply amazing.

  11. Why in the hell would I insult people for gaming at a certain resolution when, over the years, I've been gaming at incredibly low resolutions most gamers don't even know they existed (ie. 320×200, 640×480)? Do you understand just how absurd you're being right now?

  12. Might want to take a look at my previous comments. At no point did I say anything of that sort.

    What I said was that 1920×1080 is the current standard for high-end graphics people, and that 1280×1024 is the "minimum" for them. These are the kinds of people who run dual and triple-monitor setups, multiple cards in SLI/Crossfire, etc.

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