Ripple Reveals Close Engagement With The White House Administration

Ripple Reveals Close Engagement With The White House Administration

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  1. Can anybody pm alex and tell him to mssge me via youtube friend Irequest or email have some info on xrp trading currently at 1.00 to 3.31 a share but would like to discuss it privately then maby he can release a video on it

  2. Fking Alex man, he says "Trump administration, probably to get more clicks or something." I guara-damn-tee you if it was Bernie or his girl Killary, Alex would be talking about how great they are, how they're going to lead us to the promise land, etc. You go Alex, you go girl.

  3. Alex, thank you for all this. It's quite unsettling for me to read that Rachel Lee on Twitter is making fun of you as 'naive' for being 'late' on this news story when she already connected the dots months ago. I'd like to say you're doing a great job and I thank you. I really dislike how this community is getting more divided over nothing really. When I was your age, I didn't have any focus. You're doing a good job, thank you again. I don't always listen to your live streams, but these mini ones I do. I want to be supportive of everyone without the unnecessary hate.

  4. @alexcobb, @DMlogic , @jungleinc, @kungfunerd,, @CKJcryptonews, could any of you check on the DAI? No video yet today!!! You all live together right? Could you knock on his bedroom door and check he's not lying in a pool of his own vomit? Cheers.

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  6. How much XRP you need to make us a favor and keep your mouth closed?  you are doing more harm than good by uttering this nonsense

  7. Ofcourse XRP/Ripple is a different beast to the US compared to BTC and ETH, 'cus its HQ is in the US, it founders and CEO are all native Americans. Biased much??

  8. Great video Alex as always, people should not be asking themselves when Lambo but rather when financial adviser to make sure there money works for them and they do not work for there money.

  9. Remarkable interview indeed with Cory Johnson about SEC clearance possibly not coming and XRapid only being used by smaller banks, did someone read the whole interview? !

  10. Have some materials about Bank comercial offer in Europe instant transfer for every customer and starts pushing offer to people based on momentary payments solutions – yes read RIPPLE 😀 .Are you interested? Share for XRP donation

  11. Much lower prices by Eoy . This is going to take longer than most are prepared to wait . Any delays with the big exchanges opening and a major sell of . It’s coming.

  12. I had a dream last night that I was debating wether to buy more shares in ripple and make a big investment or not. Then an angel came to visit me and said “do it, it will be the best decision you have ever made and you will remember this day as the beat day of your life because you invested” if thats bot a sign nothing is! Lol. As soon as I woke up i brought 100,000 XRP. Lets go!

  13. Xrp Sold Out in December ?I have a question? If ripple makes a instant settlement , that means it is Paid In Full… in seconds ? if Swift does a credit transaction, then someone will have to provide credit collateral…?until true settlement,,, would it be the Federal Reserve ?who will provide the backing, similar to Stellar and IBM ?

  14. Interesting stuff going on. Makes sense for the government to get involved with crypto considering the national debt

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