Ripple XRP Bullish Movement During Holidays!

Ripple XRP Bullish Movement During Holidays!

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  1. @XRpCult589 on Twitter has on her/his page a picture of @realDonaldTrump receiving XRP from them through xrptipbot. How come no one has reported or commented on this. The president of the USA holds XRP!! This is big news !!

  2. Consumer Electronic Show in Vegas is having a lot of exhibits on digital assets, from what I read cryptos and blockchain may steal the CES. I'm going to Vegas Jan 16 to the Silver 7s Casino after the show so anyone is out that way hit me and we will have a crypto party at the $7.77 Silver 7's buffet, I keep it old school Vegas. Shout it out if you like. Great channel. We love it here in Myrtle Beach

  3. TRX is moving,very good profit. . almost all coins is in green but, so much "news" so many new partnerships and so little movement for some

  4. When ur volume is maxed out “YO WUT IS GOIN ON EVERYONE IN CRYPTO SPACE”…sick now my mom knows im buying more thanks cobb

  5. We're not at the bottom yet unfortunately. I'm not saying that it won't surpass $4K but the sustainability is not there yet. You can't just come out of this long of a bear market magically in a few days. This thing will wrestle up and down until true capitulation is felt and finally takes hold. It's all good regardless, we know where this is ultimately heading. I just personally wouldn't buy at this moment IMO. Also Alex, YOU ROCK! Thanks for keeping it real. You are a boss and you've brought so much to the XRP community. Happy holidays!

  6. Thank you Alex for your interesting content and XRP updates. I am watching your streams daily (mostly on replay because i am on AEST). An exciting time to be alive!

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