Santander's Ripple Powered OnePay FX Confirmed ApplePay Integration + xRapid Speculation

Santander's Ripple Powered OnePay FX Confirmed ApplePay Integration + xRapid Speculation


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  1. Is that a proper pdf download? Unless we can all access the link or download the pdf, it's not confirmed. Could be a fake. Just saying. Surely the higher the amount to transfer the better, why limit it? £10k is very low. I can't see how liquidity has anything to do with it.

  2. Xrapid volume needs to increase, so far nothing much, a big bank is needed to give confidence to the market, then off to the races I say

  3. Why do I even bother following news anymore? Same old stuff. XRP will rise dramatically some day when the skankster banksters decide. Meantime fuck all this jabbering. See you guys on the streets of gold someday down the road.

  4. Hi Alex here's the Santander link

  5. No offence, but you're really scraping the barrel for content now. All of this was confirmed before the app was even released.

  6. Seems logical that they may be using Xrapid , would really explain the price continually dropping. Good news =XRP price decrease = cheap bags for me

  7. Spoken to someone with Etoro (4,000,000 clients) and he told me they will start an Exchange soon. If you download the Etoro Wallet you get 0.1 Ether for free. XRP to be added to this wallet soon.

  8. because in UK and Europe is not easy to transfer more than 10k, me too i had to do multiple transfers from UK bank to UK investement extra multiple 10k in the same day.

  9. Im So nervous that by 2020 XRP wont be between $500-800.. Maybe it will get there eventually but timing is everything by 2020 , mid-2021 at the latest i gotta make moves

  10. No the £10,000 limit is due to the AML for the UK, you have to do a WHOLE lot of paper work if you want to send more money than that. Think about when Brad Garlinghouse uses the analogy about flying money would be faster than sending it via traditional means… he always refers to the magic 10,000 limit, this is because if he was to carry more than 10,000 without AML he would get it confiscated

  11. There is a rumor about xrp and xlm partnership. what is that? is it bad for xrp? is ripple gonna integrate xlm also in their ecosystem?

  12. Look..Bitcoin was supposed to make it easier to send payments instantly over international borders. Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency network until recently, was going to create a kind of global super computer. Thousands of other tokens were also designed to be used for high-minded purposes. But so far, about the only thing the tokens have been used for is speculative trading. Let's face it, Ripple is a success and the use of XRP from their partners doesn't seem to be an interest. This isn't looking good.

  13. maybe the reason is an individual person can only take out a maximum of £10,000 out of the country. not a company

  14. Did you notice Warren Buffet invested $86 Billion in a handful of banks. The list includes Bank of America, PNC, American Express, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs to name a few. I know a few of them are confirmed partners with Ripple.

  15. As for the 10k limit, if I'm not mistaken over here in Europe you have to declare if you want to send >10k.

  16. I just lost $800 on the street after give $50 for a homeless on a gas station, my brain keep saying me that I lost actually $1,178,000 some time in the future ????

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