Simeon Panda & Lita Lewis discuss All Natural Body Building!

Simeon Panda & Lita Lewis discuss All Natural Body Building!

Simeon Panda & Lita Lewis discuss All Natural Body Building! Ebro in the Morning Investigates…




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  1. Simeon is natural 100% and quite frankly its none of our business if he was or not he has great shoulder development along with his back and plus he has height this is he look so big but you guys it's not good to judge or accuse someone for anything especially if you don't have any clue on how muscle is built

  2. If you people ever see simeons girlfriend (Chanel coco brown) you’ll be sticking a needle in your ass in no time , she is fine as hell

  3. The video is cool, but waste of time because they never stick to completely explaining one thing that is asked, or their all over the place with just a bunch of switch-up dos and donts! So for that being said, just a waste of time spent listening to bits and pieces of this and that without really explaining too much of anything!

  4. Y’all so dumb thinking he used steroids….if you can’t be like that it’s cause you lack motivation and your genetics different, y’all just some unfaithful bastard

  5. Simeon u were never skinny lol I saw ur before pictures w the braids u always been a big guy.. maybe to u that was akin and bones but to the average eye u were considered “thick” I mean n u did say u were a club body guard they don’t hire skinn and bones men to do security at clubs

  6. Go have a look at inmates in West African prisons, you'll see guys as big as Simeon. There is a reason West Africans were chosen for slavery.

  7. whats with all you youtube interviewers who interrupt your guests mid sentence like let the man speak !!!!

  8. So let me guess they Write books and give people training advice in a world level. But they have no qualification in training or the human body??

  9. The funny thing is people say that someone's a good trainer, just because they have good physique. Where a lot of it is genetics and steroids

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