Sims 4 Pride Month Create A Sim (+ CC Links)

Sims 4 Pride Month Create A Sim (+ CC Links)

Hope you guys liked this video! This is the first time ever that I created Sims in a Pride Month theme so let me know how I did and also let me know if you want to see more videos like this one!

You can find these three on my gallery if you search for GoWide90 and you can find the custom content list on my Tumblr!

Lots of love,

➤ Saturday: Legacy Challenge
➤ Wednesday: Other videos (including Stranger Alien)
➤ Monday: Eco Lifestyle Let’s Play (until finished)

My social media:
➤ Twitter:
➤ Tumblr:
➤ OriginID: GoWide90

Music credits:
➤ Cartoon – On and On (feat. Daniel Levi)
➤ Ikson – Anywhere
➤ Jorm – Would you forgive
➤ Kisma – We Are
➤ Markvard – Spring



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  1. I also was wonder what you use to screen record the sims and what and how you record your mic i wanna start to make a yohtube channel and maybe we could do videos together

  2. I love it!Yea and even tho I'm not apart of the pride community I support it and I also made a bunch of pride sims and im trying to post on my sims 4 gallery everyday with pride sims until the end of pride

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