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Climbing can be rough on the skin, so I thought I would make a video on my skin care routines.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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  1. Watching this cause I got a flapper earlier today. So disappointed cause I really wanted to complete this one boulder problem. Hope my hand heals before that route is wiped.

  2. proper manly way of looking after his skin. seems to have no idea; just sand it down, put some climb balm on and tape it up. you're good to climb anything

  3. I recommend super glue for cracks/splits! It heals about the same amount of time but it takes most of the pain away when moving the joint and allows you to keep going!

  4. Rhino Skin for the win. For any of these skin conditions Rhino has the product for you.

  5. That flap cut with blood everywhere is the best pic of the whole vid that was cool I love graphic pictures ?????

  6. i'm new to climbing and i have a flapper. half of my callus peeled off and the other bit stayed on it bled a tiny bit. i was told to cut the flap off and leave it but i'm left with half a callus. is there anything else i can do to heal it faster and also build the callus back up i don't know if they come back on their own?

  7. Had a flapper similar to the picture in this video and it was completely healed within a week… they really aren't too bad

  8. please turn down the music.. it will work so much better and we be less stressful to hear what you say..

  9. A video every beginner climber should save. The skin wears out so much faster when the fingers are not used to it and if you don't climb for years having your own routine this is very very helpfull. Thank you Magnus! I personally would use the electric sand paper thingy as well, it's quite usefull and I wouldn't care about what the others think.

    Greets from Germany =)

  10. Really awesome and helpful video. 9.8/10
    I took points off because of the duration of the bloody images. I think it would have been better if you had them on for only a few seconds to demonstrate the point instead of leaving them on for the entire duration of the topic. Just a little uncomfortable to look at.
    I don't have a lot of trouble looking at them in real life but something about high res images of wounds just makes me cringe

  11. what do you think of the products rivaling climb on(kletter retter, working hands ect.)? i usually dont have any cuts, flappers or anything like that, but just rly sore skin. so i use climb on or the other mentioned products pretty much every day( i boulder almost every second day), but that can get expensive and kletter retter/working hands does feel inferior to climb on for sure…you have an everyday product that you use when theres nothing serious or just normal hand lostion in that case?

  12. Yea, it's been about three weeks with this crack, and it's still not healing despite climbing balm. It's annoying, and at times ruin my climbing experience.

  13. I'm using vitamin a+e. I just hit the oil capsule with needle and use the oil as a hand cream. Or mix that capsule oil with hand cream.

  14. Ever tried using a skinglue on a split? Seems like a good way to keep it held together to give it strength and time to heal.

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