SKINNY 16 Year Old *Crazy Transformation*

SKINNY 16 Year Old *Crazy Transformation*

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I am 16 years old, and have now been lifting for 5 months and these are my results.
While I know I am not huge (yet) I know that my body has completely transformed and I am no longer self-conscious about the way my arms look. I am still working hard to become a better me, and I hope that this video inspires people that are like the old me to become more confident in themselves.
Please, no hate on this video, only encouragement.

Update: I have now completed 1 year of lifting, and have never been bigger. I now weigh 140 lbs
Flat bench – 135 lbs x3
Incline bench- 115 lbs x6
Barbell squat- 165lbs x6
Deadlift- 255lbs x1
leg press- 720lbs x3
seated barbell press- 115lbs x6

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  1. Hello everyone! I took a 2 year hiatus from the gym, but now I’m back and better than ever… watch my most recent video as I started a fitness page on IG where I post workouts and daily encouragement to help you meet your goals! Follow my page @officialdmjfitness and be sure to watch the video. I address what I’ve been going through and what I’ve learned along the way.

  2. I guess im slightly bigger than u but nice job bro I like how ur transformation from tiny dude to abit of a muscular dude

  3. I’m the opposite I used to be quite fat and I’m 14 and since I joined Brazilian jiu jitsu and doing home cross fit during quarantine I’ve gotten in much better shape in only 4 months and the technique with the jiu jitsu is improving and I now want to workout forever lol

  4. Im also skinny and im 14, im also make fun of by both Males And Female and im trying to gain weight

  5. As of now im 14 and my weight is 92 lbs and i really want to gain weight but even i eat alot it's still not enough and i hope to have the same progress as him.

  6. Dude the thing is I know u were really light at the time but how tall were u? If u were only like 5'2 then that's sort of understandable

  7. I was an athletic build and I was biggest at 13 with actual muscle but your never gonna be big I wasnt big but it was one of the biggest and all the stocky kids thought I was small well they stacked fat on there arms but the point is you dont grow big at probs 14 below

  8. if you feel not too good remember that you are only 16 … keep going like this you will build one hell of a budy in 24

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