Skinny Guy First Time Ever with Weight Lifting Bar

Skinny Guy First Time Ever with Weight Lifting Bar

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Skinny Guy First Time Ever With Weight Lifting Bar
I received a weight lifting bar and decided to film my first attempt ever to use the weight lifting bar. Here I demonstrate the dead lift, the squat and the bench press to the best of my observations watching professional weight lifters. I’m a complete novice but I tried my best.






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  1. Yo this guy has the ability to do literally anything … I mean literally anything wrong..

    But mind ya own business

  2. Bro keep ya our elbows in almost like you’re trying to bend the bar in 1/2. It’s hard to get use to and it’s a technique power lifters use but the same technique should be used for standard bodybuilding. Elbows tucked in and push your feet flat hard to the ground. Eat a cup of white rice immediately after your work out. A little black pepper on it and if you add any sweetener to it use agave nectar. Shock your insulin and get those carbs in you. Creating Monohydrate in a bottle of good spring water of s good green iced tea and in 1 month you’ll see huge gains in strength and mass. Good luck.

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