Sky Tower (Lonely Tower Revamp) [FE2 MapTesting]

Sky Tower (Lonely Tower Revamp) [FE2 MapTesting]

ayy, me and youy brought this back with a revamped version!

———————————Map Details———————–

ID: 2444738899

Creator(s): YouyThes24MYouMaster & federoblox244 (Tower by Cooldchara159, original map by Emilasek)

Music: [Music] Rivals of Aether ► Luna Ascension EX ║Extended║




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  1. I would say the lava needs to move abit faster… but that make me sound nitpicky huh…

    Anyways good job guys, I love it!

  2. 0:35 Fix that ladder please because i cant go on it I tried so many times but no it wont work can you fix it please

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