(small cuss warning) ♧ parents ♧ short gacha life music video ♧ positive vent

(small cuss warning) ♧ parents ♧ short gacha life music video ♧ positive vent

hi am i edgy yet

ya boy’s back with a positive vent. enjoy i guess lmao


Apps : Gacha Life, IbisPaint X, Background Eraser, Cute Cut Pro

Characters : IRL Me, Family, IRL Misty, GF

Orignal Song – Parents By YUNGBLUD :


#gacha #gachalife #gachalifemusicvideo #glmv #parentsglmv #vent


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  1. 10 likes on the vid and i'm gonna eat toast in the bathtub

    13 likes….when school ends tomorrow….. CoNtEnT

  2. Hey , I really love your tween And animation do you wanna join my team ? I'm making gacha Life movie ?

    I watch your other vid 😉
    No worries if you don't want to , I'm not good v

    I just wanna make people who Underated become famous 🙂
    Or at least build up gacha community again !

    It's gonna be animated and voice acted movie

  3. Audio: "My favorite sweets are at the bakery"

    My ears: "My favorite tweets are at the barkey"

    Me: Mmm that sounds yummy. TAKE ME TO UR TWEeTIN' BAKREY >:>

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