Snaps RGH All CoD Recovery Service! *Xbox 360*

Snaps RGH All CoD Recovery Service! *Xbox 360*

**Open me For Stuffs**
Twitter: @SnapCrackDeath
Prices are as follows:
Call of Duty 4
World at War
Modern Warfare 2
Black Ops
Modern Warfare 3
Black Ops 2
Advanced Warfare
Best way to get in touch would be PM on Twitter.
Payment Method – Paypal Only.
Console Information – MW3 Edition RGH Slim Trinity – Dashboard 17349 – FXMenu – Xbox Neighborhood – 320Gig HDD – Dashlaunch 3.15 – XeNoN Stealth/NiNja Stealth. Any other information that you would need to know feel free to message me.



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  1. If people want it so bad then just mod it your self instead of having to waste money on people like this

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