So sad orphan Martin beaten by aunt Rana hurt trying to escape and needs grandma help


So sad orphan Martin beaten by aunt Rana hurt trying to escape and needs grandma help

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So sad orphan Martin beaten by aunt Rana hurt trying to escape and needs grandma help
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Real life of orphan monkey Martin :
His mom Malina gives a birth him about 72 hours she was exhausted and passed away even we are trying send her to see the VET – Martin started to live with care giver about 6 days then His grandma Malida has gives birth too but unfortunately her baby has been passed away because she is takes long time labor .From now 3rd April 2020 we are decided to bring Orphan Martin to live with his grandma Malida and she pick up his grandson happily .Please wait to see about Martin ‘s life with his grandma 👵




  1. Rana just don't know that her time of being mean is coming to an end very soon. I'm hearing from other channels that the authorities are removing all of those monkeys from the area and they aren't going to stop until they're all caught.

  2. Martin has gotten soo big…holy shit…its been a month since ive seen him…damn granny has milk afterall.

  3. This big flip-flop is still so titty, he isold enough to quit to glue to the tit so constantly.
    By the way, he is quite ugly.

  4. Rana & Rany and Mana is safe.. Manda & Rabi safe too? Yes?
    3:17 who are the 3 young monkeys? Thx u

  5. Martin is turning into a spoiled brat.!! That is a quality of the monkeys I cannot stand.!!

  6. Rana could have hit his mouth on the concrete so that he wouldn't have hung on teats for a day.

  7. Would someone please and I mean please punch this screaming thing right in its teeth…They wouldn't want me over there because I would wear their asses down..

  8. Santino is one of the youngest baby's, and he's bigger then nearly all of them. Sara had a big healthy baby boy.

  9. Hes still so tiny. Shes way too overprotective of him. Its obvious that her milk output is low. Hes tiny still


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