speed painting #1 – RWBY캐릭터 스피드 페인팅

speed painting #1 – RWBY캐릭터 스피드 페인팅

RWBY 캐릭터들을 그려봤습니다. 재밌게 봐주세요~

*Added English subtitles. But with the help of a translator, it may not be perfect.



1.NoCopyrightSounds Itro & Tobu – Cloud 9

2.NoCopyrightSounds Jim Yosef – Imagine

3.NoCopyrightSounds Raven & Kreyn – Bubble

4.This Will Be the Day (Magical Girl Remix) – RWBY Volume 2 Soundtrack (By James Landino)
Jeff Williams & Casey Lee Williams
Jeff Williams on Itunes: (



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  1. I saw this picture pop up on my twitter feed, and now saw your speed paint. The process was great, and the picture is absolutely beautiful. Well done!

  2. 내용중에 오타가 있습니다. Volume.6 이 아니라 5였습니다…물론 6에서도 이 복장으로 나온다면 괜찮겠지만요ㅎ

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