Stand Out Fit In // GLMV // IronSkiez

Stand Out Fit In // GLMV // IronSkiez

♡ ~Description~ ♡

School sucks boi


Me: uhm… me xD
Sky: My main OC
Girl with black hair: Wolfie
Boy with brown hair: Keith
Boy with black and gray hair: James
Girl with black and blue hair: Lisa

-=The programs i used to make this video=-

Gacha Life: Characters
MediBang Paint Pro: Thumbnail & glowing eyes
Adobe Premiere Elements 2019: Video making/editing


✵ INFO ✵
The parts that showed my real life version in gacha actually happened…

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Love Chu All !



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  1. Омг я помню это
    Ну там где розовый
    Да не это вообще

  2. Special
    True to yourself

    Odd(I mean if you don’t like being odd just know it’s okay to be odd UwU)
    This is just what I think when I hear “stand out” you may think differently and I can think differently of it too! There is many different sides to the words “stand out” and “fit in” it can be good or bad but in my case it’s good UwU!

  3. If someone tells you to change yourself then don't. You are amazing and powerful. So don't worry about it. Your beautiful just the way you are. UwU❤??????

  4. I now this is out of context but I got a text message during this video that said ‘hi’ and I just laughed for a while

  5. #SaveYoutube

    Like and share, this applies to everyone! Sign the petition!

  6. I was looking at you description and is it true that this your life? I think you fit it very much keep up the good work ?

  7. You can always be yourself and don’t let anyone else tell you other wise your beautiful your not fat or ugly your personality it’s bad nobody’s is ?

  8. You:
    I’m a big ki-

    Hey Mother f-
    Popular Girls walk in
    Time to grow mo-
    Hey bleaches.
    All the girls:
    Stand o-
    Fit in 🙂

  9. Me and my friends are very shy and weird when together but we don’t really care about what the others think

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