Stevie Ray – The Truth About Chyna in WWE

Stevie Ray – The Truth About Chyna in WWE

Stevie Ray debates Chyna’s role in women wrestling evolution, WWE Hall of Fame ➤

Stand Up for Greatness w/ Stevie Ray is created/owned & produced exclusively by Title Match Media LLC. The show lasted 1 season for 12 episodes (not including 3 bonus features) and can only be found on our premium streaming service,

Where: Houston, TX (Title Match Network Studios)
Title: Stand Up for Greatness w/ Stevie Ray
When: Aug 7, 2017
Featuring: Stevie Ray, Matt Topolski
-3- Camera Shoot w/ Sony Z150, 1 iPhone, 1 iPad
-Edited via Sling Studio
-Post-edits were made in the Title Match studios via Premiere Pro CC
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This is from Stevie Ray’s brand new podcast from Title Match Wrestling Network! Joined by co-host Matt Topolski, Stevie Ray shares his thoughts on the Mae Young Classic and why today’s women wrestlers are better than any generation that came before them. Also, the name Chyna is brought up…wait till you hear what Stevie really thinks about her role in women’s wrestling! Does she compare to modern names like WWE’s Charlotte Flair or Asuka? We’re talking Chyna, the Mae Young Classic & much more on this fiery episode of Stand Up For Greatness!


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  1. This is Stand Up for Greatness w/ Stevie Ray.
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  2. stevie ray is a piece of shit. honest mistake? Harrison Norris Jr. (born August 22, 1966), is an American Gulf War U.S. Army veteran,[3] retired professional wrestler and former 2001 Toughman heavyweight champion, best known by his ring name Hardbody Harrison.[4] In 2007, he was sentenced to life in prison for his part in a sex trafficking and forced labor ring.

  3. The only thing about Women's wrestling, is all the botches. Every match has a botch, some a few. It's just embarrassing. I liked the Rousey/Flair match from Survivor Series, and the main event from Wrestlemania, Asuka is good too. Sasha Banks is ok and the hugger is ok too. The midcard women's is just unbearable to watch. Just my opinion, I hope it gets better as it has from 2002-2020, i just hope it doesn't take almost 20years.

  4. Many celebrities are transgender freaks. Many of them wouldn’t be a known commodity without making the change. You will be famous if you do everything for your masters.

  5. I agree the female wrestlers today are miles better, but they would have China play that "beast role". Also, the women matches today are by far the best thing to watch on the show. Not because of the T and A, but because they just do a much better job. If WWE survives a few more decades, I can see WWE Women getting their own show. It wouldn't surprise me if that happened soon. They need more female athletes in my opinion and just try it out. I bet they would get better ratings. I know this is 2 years old, but it's still the same old crap regurgitated today with the men. Misuse of great talent, spoiled beasts that couldn't give a damn about wrestling or the fans, babyface's getting shoved down our throats, etc. All the same old, same old. Except for the women.

  6. 1 womens match is enough and its never missed at a PPV and thats just the truth. Chyna made people wanna watch her wrestle!

  7. Hes talking strong but still holding a COWARD'S TONGUE¹¹ Don't call chyna a "FEMALE" when YOU CLEARLY KNOW ITS DICK SWINGING MAN.

  8. Stevie ray thinks chyna looked like a man then that means the game HHH had sex with a so called man and he was banging the so called man and Stephanie behind the others back so that means Stephanie got some of chyna's slop

  9. Hardbody Harrison … made a mistake anyone could make…. riiiiight !!! Most people don’t get involved in sex trafficking. What a tool for defending this dude.

  10. titles dont mean shit. If there's no emotional connect to the player then its just a piece of plastic. I like Asuka, but they pushed her to the top just so they can push her off and make her a Japanese secretary and even there's stories of Goldberg being exposed.

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