[Stream] Let's suck at: Metroid Prime 2: Echoes – #04


[Stream] Let's suck at: Metroid Prime 2: Echoes – #04

From Shrekworld to Tronland, we’re really going deep into Aether aren’t we?


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Er… I guess that’s it, really! I’m only active on Twitter so if you want updates feel free to follow me there! I don’t really stream to Twitch anymore because I find YouTube more convenient.

💫 – [ Chat Rules ] – 💫
I don’t have many rules because I’m nowhere near popular enough for big crowds, but please do respect the ones I do have :v
➣ Don’t be a prick in chat. Be kind to each other.
➣ I don’t talk about politics during streams. Gaming is my time off, let’s not ruin the mood eh?
➣ I like to figure stuff out on my own, so please don’t back-seat game everything I do, and don’t spoil the game or the puzzle.
➣ This one should be obvious but don’t spam. I am a idiot sandwich that does not need another filling.
➣ Feel free to request games, but just be aware that I plan my games in advance, and often only choose games I feel mesh well so if I decline for whatever reason don’t take it personally.

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