Supersize Vs Super Skinny Series 5 Ep 2


Supersize Vs Super Skinny Series 5 Ep 2

Supersize Vs Super Skinny Series 5 Ep 2




  1. I would like to see Nikocado avocado in this show … just to see how the super skinny eats his food 0.0

  2. I'm pretty sure every time someone calls that black woman fat, she cuts herself

    A piece of cake.

  3. I always feel bad for the overweight people on the show,, like everyone always says “it’s your choice and you who put you in the situation” but it’s so much more than that

  4. why is no one talking about emma who's gained weight and looks completely different and healthy?? thats amazing wtf

  5. Why is "BOY" WONDER questioning him? Who the Hell is she?????? She's in bad shape. REALLY BAD!!!!

  6. She looks so much older than 25. I hope she knows that she's built like a 12 year old BOY, and EXTREMELY, UNATTRACTIVE!!!! Why is SHE LECTURING HIM. Doesn't SHE KNOW that UGLY'S TO THE BONE!!!

  7. When on nursing prac they told me if patients this heavy fall they pretty much die from asphyxiation because no hoists can pick them up and neither can the nurses. Saying that, govt doesn't give a rats ass about people. If they would healthy food would be cheap and unhealthy food wouldnt exist. Chronic illness=money for big pharma.

  8. I'm so happy to see that Emma is doing so much better (I know this series is old and happened many years ago, but still)

  9. I feel for him I really do he said he wasn’t bullied but the children always mainly played jokes on him that bullying bless 🙁

  10. the comments in this show always say the thin person is “ruder” but here’s the thing: society has decided it’s rude for a thin person to comment about how much food a large person has eaten or how large a person is, but it’s completely fine for a large person to comment how thin someone is and how little they eat. They act the same, but society is just whack.

  11. This is realty. This show stresses that both sides are not healthy.. Notice in this show they do not tell you your suppose to be a size 6 do matter what!! People who hate seeing them shine a light on obesity is part of the problem!!! I never knew they had to go to that extent to bring someone of a bigger size in the ambulance..

  12. I’ve got a medical condition and i’m literally in pain physical pain after i eat, so i’m mad 😠 i know theses people are sick but i’m just jealous that people can overeat to the point of being sick and needing special treatment, whilst i can’t eat and people say i’m anorexic. I’ve got gastroparesis ahhhhhh

  13. The super skinnies don't even try that much when it comes to eating, some take a few bites and quit while the super sized get nothing, starve for the day and don't complain. Not fair…

  14. Damn the sad part about Robert is i bet if he seriously just took better care of him self he would be attractive but the fact that he looks like an over grown over weight toddler doesn’t quite help his cause

  15. 832 doughnuts? And I thought it was bad that I treated myself to one doughnut every few months.

    He is a really sweet guy though. Bless his heart 😢💙

  16. I hate when the superskinnies act like they're so much better than the supersizers. Hayley criticising Rob without looking at her own bad diet is really annoying to watch. A slab of goats cheese and a sweet is just as bad as Rob's excessive portions but she says she was "just busy"…

  17. Wow o just seen Robs transformation on YouTube. He looks really good! And he is sooooo happy! But he said something that troubled me. He said when he was bigger,he didn’t like being called a human donut. Wow. It was just so hurtful to him,you could tell. People really need to think about what they say. That is just so mean


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