SURPRISE Reveal! Trading ONLY to get Cammy her DREAM NEON PET!! Adopt Me Roblox Gaming *part 2 new

SURPRISE Reveal! Trading ONLY to get Cammy her DREAM NEON PET!! Adopt Me Roblox Gaming *part 2 new

Surprise reveal!! New! Part 2 of our “Trading in Roblox Adopt me to get Cammy ONLY her Dream Neon Pet!!” Watch next! We give Austin his dream pet!
While Cammy was in the hospital Mike and Parker went on an Adopt Me Trading Only mission to get Cammy her dream legendary pet in adopt me!!
Cammy is home from the hospital with her new cast! She thinks she making a “Trading Only My Cast Color- PINK!” video! Little does she know that there is a surprise coming! Watch her reaction to the Legendary Neon King Bee that Mike and Parker got for her!!

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  1. Subscribe ▶️ and like ? this video to enter our king bee ? & fly potion ? giveaway!! Comment below user and done ✅ if you enter!!

  2. I’m a new fan can I win a king bee plzzzzzzz I want it so badly! And also I liked and sub and hit the notification bell and yeah oops I forgot my username my username is sazoka128 on roblox so yep and I’m done done ✅ bye stay safe during quarantine byeeeeeee

  3. I have a fly ride king bee and I would give it to you guys if you want to put it in the giveaway
    Pin my comment if yes

  4. Can I offer a fly ride dragon for your pink cat pls? Also get well soon clammy! Btw my daddy's name is Mike!!:D

  5. i have a good trade for neon crow its fly and ride evil unicorn and a aussie egg and a sloth and a human bubble

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