Taraji P. Henson Reacts to Fan TikToks of Her Iconic Movie Lines

Taraji P. Henson Reacts to Fan TikToks of Her Iconic Movie Lines

Taraji P. Henson reacts to fans acting out TikToks of her most classic movie lines, explains the importance of therapy during the COVID-19 pandemic and highlights The Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation’s Free Virtual Therapy Support Campaign.

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Taraji P. Henson Reacts to Fan TikToks of Her Iconic Movie Lines




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  1. Jimmy I REALLY pray u are one of the good ones when this is ALLLLL said and done..because I ADORE U!!!..and have been watching your show for as long as u have been on anything else u may star in…u have such a diverse program through and thru!.. wishing favor for u and ur family. ❣

  2. Gosh, all these celebrities have millions of dollars, yet more than half of them can't get a good camera/wi-fi!

  3. Jimmy Needs to be #1 in Late Night shows. Thanks JIMMY FALLON !!!
    By far the FIRST Class of Late Night. The BEST by FAR !!!
    Kimmel, Meyers, and whoever else gets political… that stuff is stale./ Old… Jimmy Fallon is the REAL Comedian who has new/different material and is FRESH!!! Finally a REAL Great Guy !

  4. This is one of my favourite people Jimmy has interviewed. Her energy is just wild and fabulous, such a good time listening to her.

  5. How full of yourself must you be to have a painting of yourself?! This bitch hate TRUMP, but pulls TRUMP moves in her own house…. And she has no iconic lines.

  6. Omg I love this queen!!! My favorite movie that she did was "hidden figures" I watch it at least 3 times a year ?

  7. This fkn racism bullshit makes me so angry. Like really? We're all the same thing! It's so annoying that people have to deal with this shit still on a daily basis. I happened to be born white, so I don't know from experience what it's like. But life is challenging enough as it is… Anyway, soz, rant finished. I loved this vid and the one that preluded it. Jimmy Fallon – you're helping me keep my head above water. Much love <3

  8. Person of interest (which prime annoyingly took off as I was half way through) is where I first came across her. Great character and now in other series/films shows how really good she is at her job. Great person in reality too


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  10. Yeah.. if you're in showbiz for any amount of time, you're gonna get a few fans who are 'touched' for sure.

  11. Everyone’s internet is messing up. My pic texts won’t go through to non-Apple phone carrier’s

  12. Omg that Coffee and Kareem was HILARIOUS!!!! I was up (this Quarintine is giving me horrible insomnia) literally hollering I was laughing so loud. My sister came in my room and was like girl what are you watching I told her and she was up hollering laughing too! When she whipped up the gangsters ??? and the dude who plays the cop and the kid and Taraji the chemistry was great. That little boy is a star ? I can’t wait to see him in something else.

  13. Why does everyone "Skype-ing" in look like their technology is super poor? Is it the home camera just capturing the screen or what? BTW, I have never used Skype, so maybe that's just the way Skype is.

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