Teen Girls Charged with Torturing Autistic Boy!!!

Teen Girls Charged with Torturing Autistic Boy!!!




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  1. I swear my Alma Mater gets more press than Donald Trump these days. This shit happened way back when and then this past year the crazy senior prank was letting lose 17,000 ladybugs! Remember that? Yes, it's the same exact school. At least in my year someone just sprayed the principal's car with silly string. Hint: Silly string, when dried, tends to take the paint off someone's car.

  2. These sociopathic females definitely do deserve very long, very painful stretches as adults. And hopefully all those women in the cell blocks who are mothers, especially those who are mothers of autistic and/or autism-spectrum-disordered children 'educate' these little b*tches.

  3. 100 percent correct. Now, they will be on the sexual predator list for life. They will be living in a hut.

  4. these girls need serious jail time and I don,t want hear there kids well they know better then that they know what they where doing was wrong and the the boy with autism knew what they where doing to him was wrong and I heard some people want to defend these girls but when a man rapes a woman people get upset and when a woman does it to a man people want to look the other way and that is double standard bullshit a man raping a woman is wrong and women raping men is wrong and that is some of the problems in the world is double standards

  5. @ Jimi Hazel, thank you for understanding & proving my point.

    @kill3456 I love how you guys, always make it seem like somebody's hallucinating, until its YOUR own people in question. 

  6. @kill3456, watch the video its on Tyrone's channel. very recent & when your finish watching, check the colorful comments underneath. 

  7. What is wrong with them to girls seriously how messed up in the head can you be like really wrong with them they should seriously go to jail for attempted murder and s*** not right at all like what is wrong with them how could you possibly do that to a poor kid. You are right hey I for an eye a tooth for tooth they should definitely be punished

  8. They need to stop that blood line.  This is Texas right?  WOW!!!   Those are felony charges.  Don't worry, those 2 are in DEEP SH!T.

  9. Perfect example or Illuminate MK-Ultra subjects. Sociopaths r tha perfect candidates. As logical as they r heartless. Only question in my mind now is did they do this of their free will, or is this another case of expendable puppets doing unspeakable things purely so that that public's reaction can b documented and studied. I really dont trust illuminate owned media coverage, and its pretty much all of them, like 98% worldwide. CNN, CSPAN, u know, all the big 1's, all the way down to the local news stations.

  10. and this my friends is what we call The End… Love is waxing cold in the hearts of many. Our girls are committing acts of cruel violence like never before. wow GOD help us.

  11. There's a term for sociopaths that pair up and feed off of each other's mania… I saw it on criminal minds but damned if I can remember what it's called… 

  12. People like this defiantly deserve whats coming to them, without a doubt. Glad there's no losers like these two clowns in my High School. 

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