The 100 – Top 10 HOTTEST SEX scenes

The 100 – Top 10 HOTTEST SEX scenes

Top 10 HOTTEST SEX scenes. Spoilers up to Season 4! Season 5 of the 100 out on CW and Netflix right now.

More The 100 videos coming out soon. Let me know which one I should do next.

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  1. Just realized, they don't use protection or at lest they don't seem like they do. I'm surprised that none of them ended up pregnant.

  2. I love the way Bellamy and Clarke behave like strangers in the movies but in real life they are a couple ?

  3. Rhiannon Fish and Richard Sharmon actually in love for real, it’s legit. Soooo, no wonder where they had crushes to each other ?.

  4. OH GOD maybe anyone know in what episode i can find the bellamy and two girls one? Im looking for it sooo long:(((

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