The Best Plantain sandwich I've ever had! The Hot Spot in Camden [JL Jupiter TV]

The Best Plantain sandwich I've ever had! The Hot Spot in Camden [JL Jupiter TV]

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  1. You guy's really savoring the ya ..singing in the words of lyfe Jennings..must be ..nice???

  2. Mayo Ketchup sauce is just that mayonnaise and ketchup and they add garlic. It’s the condiment of choice in Puerto Rico

  3. Thank you so much for showing us and showing me this spot. I will be going there to get me a quesito and a tostones sandwich. Great Puerto Rican spot.

  4. The sandwich is called "JIBARITO" which translates to Puerto Rican hillbilly. The sauce is "Mayoketchup" which is mayo, ketchup and garlic…I'm Puerto Rican LMFAO

  5. Wow. I lovvee sandwiches! You guys just made me salivate! ???
    Love the channel guys. I can binge watch and then do it all over again. I'm a foodie, a follower, and a fan ?❤?

  6. I love the reactions when they bite into the food I swear I’m the same way lmao keep the great content coming ????

  7. You should add speech bubbles to show what your homey is saying when he talks with his mouth full…jajajajajaja.

  8. JL Jupiter When brain freeze happen place your thumb in your mouth on the upper roof of your mouth press firmly until the brain freeze disappears next time.

  9. Yes. I have a Panini sandwich press in my home for my 14-year-old son Muhammad and when he arrives from school I’ve already taught him how to handle a Panini machine how to prepare a hot sandwich this is the best thing that any mom or single dad could invest in to have in the home for growing teenagers. Great ?? investment!

  10. My wife’s from Panama and she makes these at home…. I’ve never had them before until she introduced me to them. I’ve had plantains before when I visited the Bahamas, but not in a sandwich form and it is my favorite… Chicken and Steak preferably…. #SaluteJLJupiter

  11. They Need some Salmon or Tuna fish for Me. SIDEBAR your Man is Funny is shitt on the high. Y'all are funnier together so please Keep it up I'm supporting.

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