The cooked ape movie -Mindbasher7 (Lyrics in description)

The cooked ape movie -Mindbasher7 (Lyrics in description)

Listen you ape
You ain’t looking to great
I saw when you seen this diss was up
You jumped up
On reflex like a hic up
Strait into my fist
Ima have to bust that lip up
I can not miss
I mean I even better than this

(Verse 2)
Ape sorry you better give up
Cause I herd you like
to dick suck
But no wants it
So stop get of the cock
And let it drop
Before yo ass get rocked
Because you on that sus shit
Niggas need a pair a socks
3 dollars for a pair bitch
Whats with that stare
And the scratching of yo hair
Making these snow flakes appear
Oh you say your the opposite of extremely rich oh I understand your one broke prick
I can donate you some
But they would have to be white ones
Cause like the crackers I’ve give apes the crumbs ummm
Boy you bum built like a bitch boy
Best to be a barnacle under ship boy
Boutta scrape you off place you in a basket you ugly bastard bubble bass
Somebody get this mother fuckin fruitsa outta my face

(Verse 3)
Belongs beyond these beaches
Slap the cat so it scratch ya ass
You stupid silent shit rolling stag
Start your smug Seemingly slow flow where the fuck are poets tho
Oh shit is that nigga edgar alen poe
Here siding here for the jose
Start so you can get ya hole
Blown like a dart
The way them kisses make there way to yo heart
Hit ya in ya dome like your career
Your brain wont start
Nigga trying way to hard
His ass might fart
Pass me a pen to easy writing Look at the page I drew plaid thats thinking outside of the box but not thinking gay cause I’m still down to my socks so strip me my skill
With my smarts to save ya self
You wont have to cry for anyone help
You want to give yourself attention
Because no female has ever gave you affection you’d stand in front of train
Like here me don’t you hear me
I want to be heard Ive been feeling this pain ima put puppet but they replace the strings with the chains
I don’t act like my true self and thats just a shame I guess I like being noticed even if I am flamed I guess it my fault for being one to B Lame
I should B ring the king basher
Shark of the water to diminish my flames
Haha with the heart the water I outta
Tame ya ape self and put you back in the chains anything so you can see
How dum you can be
You say you pity me well tell me how can that be I look at you and know you are filled with sorrows because your much more lonely than me your tomorrows aren’t guaranteed to have anybody
I tell you this you really done got me pissed but there so many other fish in the sea so stop straddling this fin and hop off me danm bro I should’ve known you like the muscled men like jojo
Your cock hungry for kaykoin
Dilf searching on the PHG
P.S them niggas dont have T.Ds
Unlike you with this post diss TSD
Stop messing with the MB
Before I leave you empty

(The apes final thought Interlude)

Ends with video footage of ape demise

My ig – Kelvin.zzz

Instrumentals used



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