The end of World War II | Free Full DW Documentary

The end of World War II | Free Full DW Documentary

Adolf Hitler’s suicide on April 30, 1945 ended “the thousand-year Reich.” In May, the German military signed an unconditional surrender and the Allies took power. The Nazi regime was finished.

News of Hitler’s death was broadcast on the radio: “This afternoon our Führer, Adolf Hitler, fell at his command post in the Reich Chancellery after fighting to his last breath for Germany against Bolshevism.” Hitler, however, did not fall in battle, but rather took his own life. A short time later, his long-time follower and friend, Joseph Goebbels, committed suicide with his wife, after poisoning their six children. Their deaths marked the collapse of the “thousand-year Reich.” A few days later, in early May 1945, the German armed forces, the Wehrmacht, signed an unconditional surrender, leaving Germany under Allied control. While the war in Europe was over, the conflict in the Pacific raged on until a new weapon changed everything.


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  1. ทรัพย์หายไปใหน…ตอนนั้น…และ เหตุ..ทรัพย์หายไปใหน ..ตอน นี้…..ไม่เห็นโจรสลัด..

  2. The narrator/ translator should of learnt how to pronounce German towns prior to the production. Leipzig is not pronounced ‘Leipsish’ by the German or even English folk.

  3. Hello DW doc, videos 47 to 52 under playlist "History" are "private video" … how can we watch those videos?

  4. It's debatable how Goering obtained the cyanide capsule. I don't believe he just had it in his suitcase ready to be used. That seems highly unlikely.

  5. It is almost unbeliavable that in 1945, in a nation that was technologically so advanced, in a nation possessing such military power, the people still believed that their emperor was a living god, and had never heard his voice before.

  6. First, thanks for this great documentary. However, you can find the interesting view point. When talking about soviet advancing to Berlin, the documentary emphasized they fought without consideration of the own soldier's lives. When talking about allies' advancing, the focus was how UK and US liberate the concentration camps. As if allies were not fighting hard to try to get to Berlin first, and Soviet did not liberate camps, which they did liberated a lot including the most famous ones.

  7. After 4 days my ass ? No mention of allied or red army atrocities at all. Mentioned there was little consideration of the Russian soldiers, there was none at all. STALIN killed his own just as easily,
    As far as good when " limping " fighting for the Germans, the SS volunteers were from Lithuania, France, Russia, Poland Holland and Norway defending Berlin especially on the codon river and Seelow heights.
    They inflicted massive losses the numbers were 15 to 1 not 4. Outnumbered in TANKS and artlllery by the thousands.
    DW documentaries have got to be the most biased, historically innacurate and of no journalistic credibility at the current time. Smartphone dumbness right there.

  8. I think everybody should watch this the old and the young so we won't make the same mistakes our forefather did yeah it's disturbing but it's a part of history and it can easily happen again

  9. Why is it that "History" never mentions that Britain didnt declare war on Germany for invading Poland, but rather attacking the Polish military which was building up bases and forces in the Free city of Danzig, after the people of Danzig; Which was 98% German, overwhelmingly voted to reunite with Germany in a plebiscite!? It wasnt until after the British declaration of war that Germany actually invaded Poland!

  10. It would be rather easy to just place bits of unassociated allied and soviet footage to represent each narrative as it's being discussed. The quality of Monochrome handheld footage from the era is low enough to conceal many details and not every event has associated footage. It's also been done by less scrupulous filmmakers. In this documentary however it looks as if significant pains were taken to get the matching footage. How can I tell? I'm a passionate engineering student and I've studied small arms and mechanized units at considerable length. The weapons and tanks the soldiers are using help identify their association, the location, and the time period. Certain weapons were only used early in the war (like the boys anti tank rifle) and certain others were only introduced later in the war (like the PPS-43).
    Although the usage of certain weapons baffles me from a tactical viewpoint like @ 15:29 what are the soviets firing a 14.5mm PTRS-41 at exactly? There doesn't appear to be a lightly armored vehicle ahead of them. Maybe they're using it as a wall gun.

  11. i wonder what kind a place tthis world woud be if they werent ever ww2 and cold war wee coud be in some ways be more adwanced tthat is har to imagine maby internet was never creatted it is cold war production

  12. Great documentary. Though this history must be rewritten, Argentina, Chile and Paraguay all hide and loved Nazi fugitives including Hitler who was building heavy water plants to make nuclear weapons to blow up NYC's Manhattan.

  13. Europe needs german army ! Only germans can show the world that Europe can be seriously taken "superpower" 🙂 All hail Germany !!

  14. Leipzig or Leipzisch? make up your mind. Perhaps just pronounce them the way they sound, the way the majority of English speakers would.

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