The First Topless Baker Q&A!

The First Topless Baker Q&A!

Thank you for ALL of your questions – there were so many and I tried to get to as many as possible! I hope you like my first Q&A, let me know if you would like to see more 🙂

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  1. My question is you have to keep such a strict diet to get in the type of shape that he’s in does he really eat all of those sweets that he cooks? What is his diet really like?

  2. Hello topless Baker, can I ask you why should we add or not add Gelatin to our whipped fresh cream (38% fat)
    And what’s the difference . Looking forward to your reply…thanks and regards

  3. I was thrilled…to hear you said that…your first three desserts are Ice cream, Lemon tart and Brownie…. They are exactly like mine. We have a great taste 🙂

  4. If you cover your cake with Swiss, Italian or French buttercream, can you chill it well or lightly freeze it so that you can pour over a mirror glaze and achieve a smooth surface?

  5. New fan: ((waiting for a non-fully topless tuxedo cumberbun(??) & bow tie photo shoot…please :))

    You are adorable…
    I like the posh (english well spoken, good mannered) cute, (sweet) slightly nerdy, hunky ripped thing you got going on…

    I def. like the muscles, too, they do suit you… there's kind of like a superhero vibe a bit as well, sort of Superman, & the day job identity combined, with the glasses, but then the muscles…

    Although, I'm not sure yet what your powers would be, as far as costuming… something TOPLESS?? I suppose….!!?? 😛 heehee. ((Ooh I think I was meant to be THIS kind of designer… 😉 ))

    An invisibility cloak, how does that look?? Invisible??))

    But I think you would be just as cute to me without the huge muscles though, because you're nice & tall, but yeah, I'm not complaining, the muscles are nice, a little something "extra" -to add to the texture, lol.

    The Deschanel sisters Zooey and Emily are two of my most favourite actresses, love them, they're gorgeous, and their movies, TV shows… I love BoNes, and all of Zooeys movies, she is adorable in Elf, and the first one I ever saw her in (where I was mixed up a little, didn't know there were 2 of them to begin with,) in Failure To Launch, she was hilarious. No TV now to watch new girl but have seen it a couple times.

    And we seem to have the same taste in things, as far as flavours, at least of sweet things… !
    Sorry your girlfriend cake didnt go well 🙁
    And the dropped pie, sorry you cried, I would have comforted you :))

  6. I love this show. It's has becoming my favorite show to watch on my lunch break after work or just to listen to him talk I could listen to him talk all day long and he's talking about my favorite thing baking love the show I want more

  7. It’s the first time I watch your videos! I was looking for tutorial how to use the piping tips and I watched your video 7 Easy piping techniques. You besides you been very funny; I thought you explained way better than others videos that I watched. Thankyou for the help.Watching you made me miss my friends in my country (Brasil 🇧🇷)

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