The IMTC Announces VISA Working With Ripple on Payments Through EarthPort. XRP Longs

The IMTC Announces VISA Working With Ripple on Payments Through EarthPort. XRP Longs


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  1. Telling u guys, ive been from the beginning 2017 with Ripple, i read it and i felt this is gonna be big just matter of time

  2. Visa would have to use xrapid, otherwise what’s the point of this investment? I think people need get three basic things here, xrp is a store of value, it will used as an ‘outsourced nostro account’ for all these financial institutions and its instant settlement, it’s absolutely brilliant!

  3. EQ tips for your set up with the SM7b. Roll off with a high pass filter anything below 100hz, second- you'll need a fairly narrow Q and lower the ranges 280-315 2db, 3rd slightly boost 3-5k and 6.5k. That should be good for your current setup.

  4. I've only been in the XRP community for a few weeks. It's crazy how many people who hate it, have no idea what it is or does. They think its a compeditor to bitcoin etc. Lol. Nope. But you can use it to get your bitcoin to the exchange in 10 seconds!! instead of 45 min. It's crazy! Tribalism is full of idiots. XRP holders hold a diversity of things. Bitcoin maximilists trash everything but bitcoin. So much ignorance!!

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  6. xCurrent or xRapid, that’s the question that needs the definitive answer. I mean the 3rd largest Thai Bank made an actual effort to say they are using Ripple but NOT XRP. Why I reduced my position drastically and went to Bitcoin. If they cannot close the deal with using specifically XRP in a far weaker country and not even their biggest bank, WTF makes you think XRP xRapid will be used in Visa?????

  7. Here's a link with good info and I copypasta'd a couple paragraphs for anyone in a hurry:

    Here's the copypasta:
    What’s the benefit of Earthport?
    Much like Ripple, Earthport helps banks, remittance companies and corporates avoid some of the costs and painfulness of the correspondent banking system. International payments typically involve multiple banks getting involved as go-betweens in cross-border transfers which is slow, costly and prone to error. Earthport positioned itself as a hub.
    “Earthport saved us the cost and time to build the relationships we’d need to have in place to have a footprint in all these destination countries,” said the CEO of remittance company Xoom, according to Earthport’s website. Paypal bought Xoom for $890 million in 2015.
    “We are looking at the best way to add value for our corporate clients. Earthport is just one part of this approach,” said Ather Williams, Head of Global Payments at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

  8. Going all the way back to when the potential sale of Earthport first came up; I bet the main thing discussed between Earthport and Ripple was – Which acquiring company gets their foot in the door with the most banks. They probably approached either Visa or Mastercard (maybe both) saying the other was making an offer, then dealt with Earthport to retain positions after the acquisition.
    It obviously went something like that, right?

  9. we should get clarity july 1, but i was skeptical at first until u showed the company mastercard is linked with sendfriend who stated they'll be using xrp, which i've always believed even if visa wants to use ripple tech w/o xrp, they will than have to decide quick or start losing costumers if their competitors are using xrp and saving the costumer time and money. i still don't trust visa, but i do trust they aren't stupid long term that is. am also interested in hearing from ibm and whether they will remain stubborn on ripple considering ibm's falling behind with their payment project while the others appear to be moving forward with ripple.

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