The lady stripped bare | Tracey Spicer | TEDxSouthBankWomen


The lady stripped bare | Tracey Spicer | TEDxSouthBankWomen

Tracey Spicer strips back her daily routine and challenges us all to use our time more productively. Tracey is a respected journalist who has worked for many years in radio, print and television.

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  1. I thought she was stripping bare. Glad I fast forwarded and didnt listen thru all the blabber.

  2. Lack of self esteem…lack of confidence…
    Society doesn.t expect you to do it…You percieved it…Commercial entities sells it, women bought it

  3. Oooor…you women could just not do any of that? You know, like…normal people.
    Besides, most men I know flat out just. don't. care. Clean skin and healthy hair are much more attractive to me than plastic dolls slathered in petrolium residue. From my personal experience, it's mostly other women and media, which is in no small part staffed by women, who create these beauty standards.

  4. Most women look so much better without all the makeup, high heels, etc….

    Less is more in my viewpoint

  5. I think this lady looks incredible without the makeup, and the picture she showed of her "frizzy" hair was way more attractive than her straight hairdo. As a man I find extreme hypocrisy in women, who put on all the makeup, dye their hair, undo the natural form of their hair, and then complain because they can't seem to find a "real man."

  6. What women expect of women NOT society. I would never tell a woman to wear makeup…'s hideous. Never heard of a Father who teaches his daughter to wear makeup.

  7. Men never has understood why a women wear high heels. Only they know. Women made women think they had to wear make up not men. So I applaud this lady for stripping down to show she is prettier bare face and heal less then she is with the accessories.

  8. You won’t believe, I have been snapped back when I asked the same question to women in my life. I really wish they stop make up because society wants them too… I stand by / support anyone who want to.

  9. Perhaps more productive, but definitely not an Attractive one – Feminists are destroying the Beautiful Female (YUCK) !!

  10. Become an actor starring or leading role and you will have to wear make up–it's true it stops your skin from breathing-I have a totally shaved head-I went bald at 17-college brain cells were expanding and pushed the hair roots out. But the make up sucks but I looked a decade younger and healthier.

  11. Tracy, telling it how it really is! She's so right! The world expects too much of us. Living up to the expectations is up to the individual. How far are you willing to go, to create the appearance that you present to the world. How we present ourselves to the world. Does it make us phoney? No. Everyday, men and women, shower, shave, put on nice clean clothes, and then go out into the world. To work, or any public venue. It's taught to us by parents and society. Personal hygiene and appearance is important in life. It tells the world that you care about yourself, you like yourself, and we want people to like us back! Or, is it because we all go through the morning ritual, with the shower, shave, perfume, cologne, deodorant, clean, fashionable clothing, and our smile, in hopes of getting laid today? Maybe? Do we all think at the end of each day, "Gee, all that, everyday, and I never get laid!"? If you do, good for you! The work you put into it, pays off. If you don't? We get up the next day, and do it all over again. Never once thinking,"OK, maybe THIS will be the day, that I get laid!" I mean, I'm putting in the effort! Society should just take us for who we are. Not who we appear to be.

  12. I think that’s was pretty funny what she did..I’ve never seen a comedian trying this…..and it was actually pretty funny ‘!…to stAND there on stage and just talked….as they remove all of their clothes…….lol that’s was actually funny

  13. I to think she looks better with out makeup 💄 More real and love her smile a laugh get talk

  14. Women get dressed-up to compete with each other – get job – get man – that's why.

  15. Wow, women must be very easy to MAN-ipulate if all this is a result of us men ??? For goodness sake wear what you want, don't put on make up, you know Napoleon ask Josephine not to have a bath when he was returning home …. he must have love her true essence. Most real men desire the warmth, tenderness, laugh, smile, consideration, and strength a real woman offers freely. Marriages that last are based Real things for me 36 years today … no she can't get into clothing from years gone by, yes there are more lines on her face …… BUT she is more BEAUTIFUL than ever.

  16. What a wonderful video. I have for long held the belief that women are foolish for doing these things–waste of time, energy, and money. I have had the wit not to say this aloud, and am grateful to Ms Spicer for doing this video. In a similar vent on my part, I wish an equally able person would take on the scent mongers. If you are clean, healthy and young, you gals have all the scent you need. Men, in my exalted opinion (I no longer do humble opinions) need to be extra careful about cleanliness, but should NOT smell like a petunia bush in heat.


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