The Non-McVickerish Engine.avi


The Non-McVickerish Engine.avi

This is the final video of the series about the McVickerish Engine. The engine was first tried as a true McVicker engine which used combustion overpressure at the end of the power stroke to operate the exhaust valve. It left a lot to be desired. Then, I modified it so the exhaust valve was operated by a solenoid with electronic control. That was not much better.

The final iteration reverted to a more-or-less reduction driven camshaft and detent hit-and-miss operation. This method was successful as you can see in the video.

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  1. @enginecoot lol yeah and those on tv aren't free they still cost you $500 to $1000. But I like the idea of a battery powered transport like that with a small motor used just to keep the battery's charged. I would put a go cart engine in it but the police wouldn't care for it much 🙂


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