The plant-based Chicken sandwich here is the closest thing to a real Chicken Sandwich!

The plant-based Chicken sandwich here is the closest thing to a real Chicken Sandwich!

This episode was shot months ago and I initially didn’t think it was good enough until I started editing it. I apologize for not being able to get better footage of the …

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  1. I wanna say"vegan could be good"but i start be mad about all that "you should become vegan, oh you still eat meat, that pore baby vale "…let me eat my meat

  2. I went to Hip City Veg in city center today to try the Crispy Hipcity Ranch and it was absolutely DELICIOUS!!!! I’ve been vegan for four months and the only meat I’ve crave is a Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich, problem solved thanks to Hip City Veg I’ve found my go to place for a vegan chicken sandwich. The sweet potato fries with the sriracha aioli sauce was delicious as well. Thanks again for the review.

  3. Dumbasses didn't let u film… I'm a true fan … I'm not going there. . .they are dead to me…?

  4. I watch your videos all the time you do good work bro. I’ve been a pescatarian for 2 1/2 years now I’m a try to spot out. Been wanting to go full vegan but the options out there be crazy. I think you handled the managers rejection pretty well bro go work.

  5. The managers of this place seem like jerks. Someone probably told them who y'all were and all of a sudden they became nice and attentive and came up to see how you guys were enjoying your meal. Seems FAKE to me. I'll pass.

  6. Damn he got all that food in front of him…man said can you help me with something to eat..nigga looked up?said naw smdh

  7. I'm not Vegan but would like try one of those chicken sandwiches.
    Loved the way you handled yourself can't say I would've Ben that polite. ??

  8. The Owner must’ve gotten hip to who J.L. was in real time and tried to clean it up, If J.L. would’ve been allowed to do his thang fully it would’ve meant more $$$ for them…….DUMMY

  9. “Get it with buffalo sauce next time”
    JL like
    “Let me do my job next time” ?

    What y’all hiding back there y’all don’t want on film??? ?

  10. Looks delicious! I bet the chicken was made with jackfruit – I've seen the process before and it really does have the texture and taste of chicken!!

  11. TTo you need to try some trinidadian food like pelau..chicken roti..buss up shot seriously you won't regret it.

  12. That’s probably why they didn’t let y’all in the kitchen they know they have some good food and food recipes lol don’t wanna share! It looks real good

  13. Lol aint nothing plant base coming out of that kitchen. That is why they didn't want you back there with cameras.

  14. im in dc and will never go there to visit the one in dc or philly when I visit unless he makes a public video apologizing to you

  15. This is kinda scary if you really think about it!
    People are getting real good at making counterfeit meats, and in a minute we won't be able to tell what we're eating.

  16. I didn’t ask to go in the kitchen. They have an open kitchen that is clearly open to the public to see. I just asked the manager if I could grab some B-Roll shots from where I was standing. He declined and I respected his decision. I just wanted the video to be stronger for my viewers with some preparation clips but in all reality that’s not possible some times. I don’t feel entitled but I assumed that every place would appreciate this free exposure. We normally just pop up to places so we can get the real customer experience. Appreciate your feedback. On to the next one.

  17. All due respect.. I love your hustle but you can’t act like you’re the food network or Guy Fieri.. This owner just sees some random dudes asking to film.. Like mainstream stores just allows anyone in their kitchen.. Do you at least Call in advance and see.. Yo If they say no move on.. People have recipes and secrets they don’t want other stores to know., You sat threw that whole review acting like a crybaby.. Rule of the thumb it’s gonna be a whole bunch of stores that say no until you get big enough for them to say otherwise.. Mis is real an genuine.. He showed that cheesesteak respect and said thank you to the owner.. That owner was still nice enough and gave you attention but being the brat you are.. Brushed him off.. You purposely wanted to sabotage this review.. Just because the owner didn’t kiss your ass.. So unless your ass is kissed in a video then it’s all good words.. I can’t trust your opinion on food reviews..

  18. JL brother your facial expression shows that you were blown.. But, You still handle that episode like a champ.. they probably went right back to it anyway nobody, I think they were afraid of someone may copycat a recipe or something like that

  19. Loved the video as always But as far as him getting in his feelings about not being able to film in the kitchen..I dont agree with JL. He usually films in small businesses kitchens aka around the way spots. I'm also sure he reaches out prior to going up there to introduce himself and let them know he is coming. Hip City Veg is a chain and he is just the manager "not the owner". They didnt know who he was…he could of been competition and they dont want to let people know what their process/recipes are. Maybe an employee back there wasnt comfortable with being filmed or they have a policy about having non employees in the kitchen. We never know. I dont think he should of got in his feelings. They let him order..try
    ..and film the food to review it. I think that was enough. The manager himself prolly didnt have a huge issue but there may be rules in that chain he has to follow. That's why I'm sure he still tried to come over and give good personalized customer service that I'm sure noone else got.

  20. Can’t be salty in the next video when this happen smh don’t gotta keep bringing up they didn’t let you in the back good video other than the crying lol

  21. J.L. you gave them a fair review on their food, but that manager messed up their customer service review, that's a part of it to. ??‍♂️??‍♂️?

  22. Salaam JL & Squad listen bruh I know they pissed you off right dont let them still your joy & personality that's (satan) tryna hurt you dont fall for it Fam you Blessed with all your hard work and its paying off keep getting to the Grind & putting out these Awesome videos & Gems!


  23. Admittedly, I’ve only been a subscriber for a month or so now. And I’ve binged watched the past 12 months of many videos (especially, NJ, pescatarian and or vegan restaurants/menu items). This though is the first I’ve seen (on camera) you & your crew didn’t like a menu item. Thank you, I appreciate and respect the honesty.

  24. They shld have let y'all film more, it will only increase their business. I like ur honesty if you aren't feeling a dish. What up Pryme ?

  25. Yeah The Way They Said No To The Guy Asking For Money & Started Eating Right After That Like Nothing Happen Was Priceless ?

  26. Vegan food is such a challenge to find other than a salad.
    Surprised you found a winner. Do they post fat and calories on menus kuz some vegan shops do.

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