The Queen Is Here Along With A New Party Member! | The Rising Of The Shield Hero Episode 5

The Queen Is Here Along With A New Party Member! | The Rising Of The Shield Hero Episode 5

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  1. You are right in the web novel and light novel/manga, the Shield Hero was supposed to be summoned either in Shieldfreeden or Siltvelt. The Queen had to negotiate to the other countries to prevent a war to Melromarc but eventually becoming reality due Malty

  2. [Filo appears]
    Me: Aw, she's so adorable
    [Filo kicks Motoyasu in the crotch]
    Me: I love her
    [Filo turns into a little angel]

  3. This was another great episode this week i loved it it made me laugh a lot when the spear hero got kicked in the crown jewels by filo besides that this was a great review like always keep up the the good work one last thing naofumi x raphtalia all the way.

  4. Naofumi is Rising definitely. Raphtalia and Naofumi are adorable af. Filo is hilarious. The Queen. She’s bad ass already

  5. Man i still laugh when Filo kickt him in the "special eria", that was a hella funny moment. gona love we finaly see the Queen & cant wait for her moment to come. the race was so great. Filo is SO fking adorable. overall this ep. SO great & cant wait for more

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