The Queen Is Here Along With A New Party Member! | The Rising Of The Shield Hero Episode 5

The Queen Is Here Along With A New Party Member! | The Rising Of The Shield Hero Episode 5

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  1. You are right in the web novel and light novel/manga, the Shield Hero was supposed to be summoned either in Shieldfreeden or Siltvelt. The Queen had to negotiate to the other countries to prevent a war to Melromarc but eventually becoming reality due Malty

  2. [Filo appears]
    Me: Aw, she's so adorable
    [Filo kicks Motoyasu in the crotch]
    Me: I love her
    [Filo turns into a little angel]

  3. This was another great episode this week i loved it it made me laugh a lot when the spear hero got kicked in the crown jewels by filo besides that this was a great review like always keep up the the good work one last thing naofumi x raphtalia all the way.

  4. Man, this episode was amazing just like the last one. And hell yeah they don’t care about people’s feelings

  5. Naofumi is Rising definitely. Raphtalia and Naofumi are adorable af. Filo is hilarious. The Queen. She’s bad ass already

  6. Man i still laugh when Filo kickt him in the "special eria", that was a hella funny moment. gona love we finaly see the Queen & cant wait for her moment to come. the race was so great. Filo is SO fking adorable. overall this ep. SO great & cant wait for more

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