The Rising of The Shield Hero Volume 7 Light Novel Review (Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari) Season 2

The Rising of The Shield Hero Volume 7 Light Novel Review (Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari) Season 2

A look at the Light Novel, Rising of The Shield Hero Volume 7 and talk about the anime season 2 and what that would entail. *Shield Hero Light Novel Playlist* …

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  1. Note – Just as a reminder this will cover Season 2 stuff so you have been warned.
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  2. Personally I think that Shield Hero along with Grimgar are the most consistent isekai in terms of quality. I do agree that it felt a bit dragged out but it didn't affect the quality much.
    Rishia is indeed the worst character in the series but she does get a bit less obnoxious with time imo.

  3. Ms.Ost gave Naofumi permission to cross-over(because otherwise he wouldn't have been able to travel to Glass"s World) for the purpose of recovery the stolen Spirit Turtle energy From The Evil Kyo Ethnina (Vassal Book) .

  4. I'm one of the few who really liked volumes 6 and 7, because it felt like a long, grueling videogame boss battle with multiple stages. I did like a lot of the fights, especially when Naofumi is holding off the tortoise while waiting for Fitoria to show up. Really cool seeing Raphtalia get to shine as well, since Filo did a lot of the work in earlier volumes. It reminded me in general of a lot of older rpgs, MMOs and JRPGs and it was really interesting to finally see the scale and consequences of the waves and the various ways of dealing with them.

  5. could you make an Overlord power scale….like how a villager human is let's say a lvl 1 …….then ending in shelltear's levels or RUBEDOs levels

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