The Rising of the Shield Hero – Weeaboo Wardrobe

The Rising of the Shield Hero – Weeaboo Wardrobe

Next time, in Isekai, a 4th grade boy will have to save the world armed with a kinder surprise egg while trying to charm a moose girl.

Hey, I am back for more anime reviews. Didn’t like the first one? Suck it up bro because I need to share my super original opinion about this anime to everyone. Whether its positive or negative, that’s for you to find out.
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  1. Re:Zero is the only good one. This one is….fine…just fine. It had a lot of potential but it doesn’t really do a lot with it but that trail episode was good. Yes I think Re:Zero is good so fite me

  2. I feel like I watched a repeat of the Slime isekai. Good start, but suffers later on after the first few episodes. Totally agree that the MC is a Gary Stu too.

  3. Hey, do you have a MAL, Hollow? It'd be interesting to take a look at! But then again, you sharing it would defeat the purpose of Weeaboo Wardrobe I suppose. So forget I said anything.

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