THIS is the WORST iPhone ever… ?

EP. THIS is the WORST iPhone ever… ?
The new iPhone 11 / iPhone Pro (whatever) looks awful.

Hosted by: Jon Prosser
Edited by: Brian Shoop
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  1. I dont care if Apple logo is in the middle or the word IPhone is gone,its just upsetting that the new IPhone is not much of an upgrade besides the camera ?no USB C Charge or 5G oh and no reverse wireless charge and IPhone still has the notch on the screen and 1K IPhone Pro starts at 64GB☹What a Joke

  2. This is the best iPhone ever. A specially iPhone11Pro Max. I like the battery life is very long. And the midnight green is so beautiful ever. And the three lenses cameras look like a wild beast,I like that. It is not a pussy camera like the other brand or the other iPhone. iPhone11Pro Max Camera performance like a beast, looks like a beast. This phone is design for a true man. I so in to it. I love this phone. I want buy it, and put it in my pocket everyday.

  3. I’ve never laughed this hard while watching a tech review. I had to pause this video half way just to laugh and play from the beginning. Epic?

  4. Funny, but his do you know? At least you admit to wanting it.
    The logo is where it should be . Yes, agree that old knock offs had the centered logo first

  5. It's okay, buy the phone when it is perfect for you, or buy an older iPhone that is the most ideal for you and rearrange everything on the phone to meet your standards, and then

  6. The thing has not even be launched and you are throwing this clickbait titles?
    Can't even be bother watching the video.

  7. Why does everyone bitch about the Apple logo moving 2 inches down, people on the internet really have nothing to do and are just bored…

  8. I was saying to myself that the saddest thing was that people, not including myself, were still going to buy it. Then…things got real… Poor Jon having to chuck his money into the shame pit for the sake of his job…

  9. Hell yeah EverythingAppleHoe! Screw him!
    Ps. That DOUCHEBAG just made a Note 10 Plus video of exactly that. ?

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