This Naked Woman by Nina Storey


This Naked Woman by Nina Storey

Music Video directed by Michael Lopez, produced by 3 Sketch Films.




  1. One of my fav songs by Nina….. She is an amazing talent , lady and human being…. Her smile and upbeat attitude are infectious….

  2. Ops I didnt mean to flag this!!!!!! I accidentally!!!!!! I love Nina storey and I get to meet her!!!-3

  3. i thought the same thing when shakira first got to be popular. they both have really similar album covers with an apple also but trust me, nina came first

  4. The way the video is made and just her look reminds me so much of Shakira's first video, "Estoy Aquí" look it up and you'll see! =)

  5. Delightful Singer! Adore this Song!!
    Could someone post lyrics of this one, PLEASE!
    bummer, can't find it online anywhere

  6. Nina is amazing!!! I saw her at the Denver Street Fair and had my baby cam and captured her doing this song live and became a Nina fan…. she really is amazing… just watch the video on RMMCDENVER you'll see what I mean…. Keep on doing what you do Nina!!

  7. Nina,I have been happily following your career since you sang in Longmont,Colorado years ago. You have an incredible voice and a sweet,loving personality. I took my husband to your concert in Bouler at the Boulder theater,and now he is a big fan too! Good luck! You will go far–I just KNOW it!!

  8. I've seen her twice in concert, once at the Broncos rally after they won the super bowl ..she played "hero". Then when she came to my college about two years ago …man she can sing, the power in that voice just blows me away. She needs new management, who ever in managing her sucks. She should be on VH1 and stuff all the time. I message her at her website every once in a while and beg her to come back to Mesa St., so far no luck 🙁

  9. Ever since the 90's when we saw her in Denver at a festival– where she got a standing-ovation for a sound check–we have followed her. She is now lives in L.A. and so do we. It is meant to be that we get to watch her shows forever!! ` Donna & Bill

  10. Stunning. At last: a new generation of a woman singer-songwriter! Bless you for post this vast talent of a voice.

  11. i am her couisin, she is a really nice. now she is traveling the country to places like the east coast and the south also. and she lives in L.A.

  12. I love the video. Please come back to the south! You are still my fav after all these years. ~ Tim


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