Thomas Gilman on victory against Nick Suriano

Thomas Gilman on victory against Nick Suriano

Iowa’s Thomas Gilman remained unbeaten during his senior season with a 3-2 win against Penn State freshman Nick Suriano.



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  1. I dances with em, Uhhh you know I danced with em, after that I danced with em, and that's really all I have to say you feel me? I danced with em

  2. This nigga dumb as shit… You got lucky as shit. I know that Gilman is a good wrestler but wtf is this???

  3. I love confidence, don't even mind a little bit cocky, but Thomas Gilman's arrogance is a bit much. I hope he watched the tape of the match. His post match comments that he had to chase Nick to every corner of the mat were ridiculous. Suriano was in the center circle 90% of the match and it was Gilman who ran the entire third period. I really don't have a problem with that as he was on the defense, but he certainly wasn't the aggressive wrestler he claims to be. Gilman is fortunate that Suriano is hurt. I hope he is fully healed by the nationals so we can see a great match.

  4. Thomas Needs Christ. His winning streak will not make any difference come judgment day when Jesus Judges mans secrets. Christ in the winner not Thomas and he better believe that.

  5. Obviously Gilman is not satisfied with only winning by one. Come March in the big tens and ncaas….the margin of victory for Gilman will be even greater, if Suriano can even make it to the finals. lol

  6. suriano will beat him in the ncaa final!!! or if they meet again before that.. u can take that to the bank!!!

  7. I kinda think he thought he wrestled joey dance and was trying to make a pun or something. My opinion of Gilman was solidified from that backpack slam two years ago. No class and a bad temper.

  8. this kid was already in grade school while suriano was just being born LOL, almost forgot to mention the fact that suriano could VERY very very well beat him come march…

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