Top 10 NEW Third Person Games of 2019

Top 10 NEW Third Person Games of 2019

We love third person games of every kind. Here are the ones we think are worth paying attention to throughout 2019 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.
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10- World War Z

9- Control

8- Division 2

7- Gears of War 5

6- Days Gone

5- Kingdom Hearts 3

4- Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

3- Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

2- Devil May Cry 5

1- Resident Evil 2

Watch Dogs 3
The Surge 2
Shenmue 3



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  1. ALL games with weapons, should have POV TOGGLE!!!! Gone are the days of TPS AND FPS games, there should just be GAMES!!!

  2. I came here looking for a game similar to Uncharted for Xbox. It's like tomb raider but with much more shooting scenes. Great series of 3rd person shooters

  3. Third person is a far better way to play. Seeing your Character helps draw you in especially if you can customize,plus the view is better.

  4. Division 2 wasteland, well you are close. Massive turned the Division 2 into a waste of time. A good game they found a way to ruin.

  5. i used to play first person games n very good at it but now i cant play them anymore, it give me headache… so third person is the perfect genre for me…

  6. I love playing open world games but it's just one problem I have with them and that is how much space they take up on your system

  7. I'm sending this message on Facebook February 22nd 2020 when it comes down to World War Z I still haven't beat the damn game when I got to Russia I failed and horde mode I suck at

  8. the only thing I really want to say is World War Z isn't the best for me because I actually like a realistic zombie games but good video

  9. Unlike of reviewers this guys gets it right. He talks normal with not a lot of flair and doesn’t talk too fast! I’m a subscriber now!

  10. I can't operate 1st person. It's so awkward to the point that I can't think str8….

    I rather 3rd person. I believe that however you start out playing games, its usually hard to change. I started out on 3rd person games.

    Can we get THE ODER 2??????

  11. I love you guys but having the division 2 on here is reaching pretty far lol. It seems like a pretty bad game! It came with my xbox and lets just say I wish i had bought a different bundle and I like shooters.

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