Top 20 Hottest Female Swimmers in the World

Top 20 Hottest Female Swimmers in the World

We’re not sure if you can handle this. 20 females, all absolutely, incredibly attractive. Oh, and they’re world-class swimmers, too. So you can bet that they look pretty dang good in a bikini. We have got swimmers from all over the world here, and you will love reading about each and every one of them. The swimmers listed here have been recognized for their hard work in the sport of swimming, be it freestyle or synchronized, and many of these ladies have other talents as well. For example, they may be models, dancers, or athletes in other sports. And don’t even get us started on their good hearts. Yes, these women are not only pretty, but they are totally charitable, too.

That is why we want to celebrate them in our list of the 20 hottest female swimmers in the world. Some of the girls have been featured in such popular magazines as Sports Illustrated, ESPN, and Men’s Health. Others have become spokeswomen and models for iconic brands, and still other women on this list have used their fame to do philanthropic work for charities around the world. Heck, one of these swimmers is even an actual princess!

So, please enjoy this list and the ranking of feminine hotness we have for you. Afterwards, you’re going to need a dip in the pool!



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