Top Ten My hero Academia Quirks

Top Ten My hero Academia Quirks

I made a top ten quirks of my hero Please Enjoy 🙂
Sorry if i said any names wrong.
Please let me know what you liked and what you didn’t.
Thanks 🙂



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  1. Nice list! I like your reasoning for a lot of them, like One for All's drawback. I'm going to give my thoughts on a few of your choices:

    Amajiki's quirk is immensely underrated, he can get the powers of several animals. At a basic level, this can give you several times the strength of a normal person if you eat strong animals, we see just by eating an octopus he's much stronger. If we look at this more closely, he can get several different abilities depending on the animals he eats. Tsuyu for example can stick to walls, jump really high, swim underwater, use a long tongue, camouflage and regurgitate things from her stomach because she has the abilities of a frog. Amajiki can use the abilities of several animals simultaneously and combine them like All for One (and he can eat plants too, as well as things like diamonds as we see in the show). Him having to carry around food shouldn't be much of a problem, we see heroes carry around different things all the time without having to worry about them getting stolen because you'd need to have a quirk that specifically lets you steal things. And he can make a smoothie out of whatever plants and animals he needs so he doesn't have to carry around different kinds of food.

    Mirio's quirk makes you immune to almost everything, but it doesn't make you any stronger than a normal human being, and it's very difficult to control, one mistake could possibly kill you. Also in order for you to hit someone you have to make your fist tangible, so your opponent can grab you or block you. On top of that you can't see or hear when intangible because light and sound goes through you. This would also mean that you're invisible because there isn't any light bouncing off of you into other people's eyes, but the author didn't think of this.

    Eri's quirk can heal people or reverse effects, which is great, and is incredible for a lot of things outside of combat, but quirks aren't allowed to be used unless you have a hero license so she can't do those things, and in combat she has to get close enough to touch someone in order to harm them, which is dangerous since most quirks can kill instantly.

    Aizawa can cancel a quirk if he sees the person using it, which is great, that person cannot use their quirk anymore no matter what it is and is now useless, as well as defenseless. But he cannot cancel several quirks at once and he is still a normal man, which isn't good since he's up against people with superpowers. The blinking thing isn't much of a weakness because you have to be quick to take advantage of it, and a little clever to even realize it exists. What is a weakness though is that you have to keep your eyes open in dangerous situations and not look away, and you may have to look at a single person for long periods of time or else they will use their quirk again.

    Ochako can lift and throw heavy objects, which I think is much better than Bakugo's explosion ability.

    With All for One you could steal quirks from villains putting them permanently out of commission and making you stronger, though you also get the drawbacks of whatever quirk you steal, but if you don't want them or think they'd be too hard to deal with you can just not take the quirk, or take another quirk that counters the drawbacks. You could also borrow quirks from others, returning them when you're done using them. Besides stealing quirks, we also see All for One use Forced Quirk Activation, so you could use other people's quirks against them, or against their allies.

    Those are all my thoughts. If you want I have some My Hero Academia videos talking about characters and their quirks, they're short and I think you will enjoy them. I also have a video sharing free entertainment which I highly recommend. Take care.

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