Trans Woman Reacts To Lesbian With Top Surgery : Ft Miss London

Trans Woman Reacts To Lesbian With Top Surgery : Ft Miss London

Is top surgery only for trans men? Gender dysphoria is different than body dysmorphia. London’s Video :

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  1. The first girl I ever was seriously into did not like boob play AT ALL. She was fine being felt up around her vag but no boobies. I feel like I’ve come across a few lesbians that just were not into boob play and they happened to be more tomboy too. Idk if that has anything to do with it but…interesting lol

  2. She kinda looks like a tattooed female Calvin Garrah. I might have fucked up his last name but hopefully y'all know who I mean

  3. I'm a straight woman and the min my boobs started growing I was horrified I used bandages etc to hide them. My issue was I wasn't ready to be treated differently from boys, I was a Tom boy loved hanging with the guys and when they started seeing me different I had issues.

  4. Man, that's just depressingly SAD… What a beautiful woman to have destroyed her body like that.
    And Arielle… Your boobies aren't "small", they are just right. Sure, maybe they could ideally be slightly bigger, but it's not necessary, they aren't even close to being what most think as "small" in relation to most women. You're pretty average really.

  5. I don't get why so many women are trying to loose their breasts. My mom had cancer in the 90s and had a mastectomy but they didn't reconstruct so she wore a prosthesis when she went out. In 2018 the cancer came back and she had another mastectomy. The surgeon flat out refused to do reconstruction on the grounds her skin was too damaged from radiation treatment from before and was like leather.
    I was pissed! Here I thought after going through all this twice she could feel whole again. She's at the age and point now where she doesn't care enough to wear two prosthesis. They're expensive and uncomfortable.

  6. Dysmorphia- deformity or abnormality in the shape or size of a specified part of the body.

    Dysphoria- .a state of unease or generalized dissatisfaction with life.

  7. I can relate to that girl 100%…My boobs have always annoyed and irritated me but I'm definitely not trans, I'm just a butch lesbian stuck in a very feminine body and I'd love to get top surgery. But that would be a veeery long and difficult process (maybe even impossible, as I don't have gender dysphoria) because I live in a tiny conservative post-Soviet country 😛 Discussions like these are important, so keep up the good work, Arielle!

  8. This is tragic. Shes going to regret soooooooooooooooooooooooo much.
    She did not "discover herself". This is drugs and thrills. Yolo mindset.
    Face tattoos, neck tattoos, no nipples, whew!
    Check back in on her when shes in her 30s and 40s… gonna be so tragic.

  9. I can't imagine not having nipples. So, no feeling there? I dig my nipples. That wd take like, a third of my sexual experience away.

  10. Hi Arielle I am a heterosexual man and I think your breast are fine, even if one is bigger than the other. The bottom line is what kind of person you are (your heart) that counts.

  11. That's insane…. I'm a straight woman and I looooooove titties. small titties, big titties, small nipples, big nipples, heck I even like saggy titties.but most of all I love my own titties…❤️❤️

  12. I cannot tell you hope many of my more masculine lesbian friends have expressed that they want to remove or reduce their breasts. It really is an interesting thing and it’s worth looking into via studies and research.

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