Transketeers Born as Women – Naked Truth 2.0 #29


Transketeers Born as Women – Naked Truth 2.0 #29

In articles it is often written that you guys were born as women. How do you feel about that? Were you?

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  1. You clearly either haven't read or dont understand the Second Sex if you think YOU make yourself man or woman, the metaphor clearly means SOCIETY makes you a woman, SOCIETY IMPOSES upon you

  2. hey! I have a question about being non-binary person who doesn't take hormones and wanting top surgery . Do y'all find that people (ppl in the trans community/doctors and healthcare professionals) don't take you as seriously as they would a trans person who is on hormones? What was the process of seeking top surgery as a non-binary person who chooses not to take hormones like? Did you ever feel pressured to take hormones because hormones and top surgery are often spoken about as if they were a package deal? Thanks, brilliant channel!


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