Tristan Has A Secret! (The Jerry Springer Show)

Tristan Has A Secret! (The Jerry Springer Show)

Tristan wants to tell her boyfriend something major, unfortunately for him, his man has a secret of his own! This should be interesting!!

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  1. this skinny twig toothpick looking ass tryin to throw hands i mean for real tho????? them twig arms be flying everywhere like bullets on a range exept these fuckers are of target just sayin

  2. When these 2 biches started fighting security guard was like nah they are just slaping each other it's not like they would use tier fists like real man

  3. i think it’s hilarious every single security guard always thinks everything is funny in every episode. lmao love them !

  4. I’m not saying this isn’t entertaining but it’d be harder to tell it was fake if they didn’t use the same people the guy who rips his shirt has been in a shit ton of episodes

  5. Why would ya do this to yourself………..If I was gonna declare my undying love for girlfriend in public, Id have to be 10000% sure of how it was gonna go. That guy made a bit of a fool of himself unfortunately

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