TroyBoi – Do You? [Official Video]

TroyBoi – Do You? [Official Video]

TroyBoi – Do You? [Official Video]
Off the EP “V!BEZ, Vol. 3”, out now on OWSLA. Stream & DL:

Directed & Choreographed: Parris Goebel
Dancers: ReQuest Dance Crew
Video Production: Taktix Films

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  1. Looool I'm no fan but Indians have 0 originality for ripping this off in their latest movie. Can't believe even the lighting is copied. Did Indians give credit after making the video because they're notorious for plagiarising from other countries.

  2. And I was searching for the video' do you love me ' … and felt good that Bollywood made this song but then came across this song n realized that t series copied

  3. How tf did that lame bollywood remake get more views than the original. This is lit af. The bwood is cringy AF.

  4. There's something about Parris that makes me want to see this song over and over again. Incredible choreographer.

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