UCLA University Apartments | Landfair Tour


UCLA University Apartments | Landfair Tour

Hey Bruin family! Check out my tour of UCLA University Apartments. There are several different university apartments and this particular tour features 625 Landfair. Let me know what you think in the comments! #GoBruins


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S/o to my babygirl Aya for helping me film last minute!

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  1. love ur videos! your gorgeous 😚how long is the walk from this apartment to UCLA? strongly considering it but worried it would be too far of a walk? (transfer student fall 202)

  2. Hey! I love your tours. Before I came to UCLA I watched your on campus housing tour and dining hall tour, now I'm a second year watching your uni apartment tour! I have Early RSU tomorrow and I was wondering if you could share what your timeslot was and if you had any troubles getting the apartment you wanted? I keep hearing mixed comments about being able to get into these. Thank you!

  3. I applied to UCLA, but I am nervous that it will be hard for me to feel comfortable in LA in general. I am not from the city and only been to LA once, so I am wondering what others experience living in LA and what are some tips living in LA. I like interacting with communities so if I go to UCLA I want to get to know the LA community. Rumors of LA make me nervous though. Any thoughts?

  4. Hi there! I’m a current UCLA Junior (transfer student) and I just applied for university apartments for next year. In your experience, do a lot of people get spots or are the chances slim?

  5. Your posts give me life because I wanna go there and when you post, it gives me vibes of whats gonna go down💕

  6. I’ll be at Gayley towers in the fall, what do you think about those apartments and how they compare to others around the area. Thanks for your video and your input. I wish and hope gayley has a nice bbq area.

  7. I love when you post something about ucla because it's gives me more information about the university and I will be attending this university in the future 😁

  8. I love your tour videos, you definitely have a career in media or maybe in real estate. Your personality and presentation skills are amazing.

  9. Also, I love the room! My favorite part was the wall above your bed. I loved how you guys put the pictures all over the tree and on the leaves. So creative. Plus, I would love to know where you got your decor from, the shower curtain was so beautiful I want one just like it!!

  10. Hey girl! Thanks so much for this new vid, I've been waiting 🤣. Anyways, I was wondering if you were a senior or a junior in college right now? Also, are there any events for the black population at UCLA? I'm attending this year, but I haven't heard anything about that yet.


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