UT Dorm Tour


UT Dorm Tour

Hi everyone! I just wanted to give a quick updated look at how life in UT’s most popular dormitory is like. I hope to inspire some of y’all to go out and give your dorms some life. Find me on my social media to keep in touch! 🙂

Have any questions? Leave them in the comments!

Now go out and live Feliz!


Trunk – Bed Bath and Beyond
Tapestry– EarthBoundTrading.com
Adjustable Hanging Closet Rod –
Dimmable Desk Lamp –
Sorting Cubbies – Walmart

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  1. Are you allowed to remove the desks that they have there and can you bring your own? And can anyone loft their bed?

  2. I was like so 😮 jaw dropped when I saw the bathrooms cuz our community bathrooms are just curtains. Like I would have noooo problem if we had doors that made me so jealous 😂

  3. hey feliciano, I signed up for housing like a few days ago (early Feb). do you think i’ll be offered a place at jester west? possibly the renovated area?

  4. holy crap!! It’s so organized and you really maximized your space! I’m planning on living in jester in the fall!

  5. Thanks for sharing this video. What is the name (or keywords) of the hanger extension you bought in Amazon?

  6. I was just searching up videos and I was like you seem soooo familiar. I guess we had a class or two together. Just probably saw you in class. Nice Vid tho.

  7. Buying Stuff more moooov in day! What was the amazon product that made your closet bigger?

  8. Nice video, dudes! I love how you turned your room into such a cozy little place! 👌 You should be an interior designer lol.


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