Villain Deku: Origin (Animatic)

Villain Deku: Origin (Animatic)

Ok so lemme explain/word vomit for a bit—

This is just a spinoff?? Thing?? (Which totally doesnt count in the actual story I’m currently working on but I still made an animatic bc I live for angst) Where Villain Deku met his past self in the form of his thoughts/consciousness and sees himself at his lowest, feels pity, wants to comfort him and all that stuff–like—Future Deku’s presence in his poor past’s noggin was the hand along with the words at the end.

So basically just him telling “I’m done with this BS b Y e??” to himself after he gets his ass royally kicked by dumb bullies then yeets off of the rooftop in the comic I made which you totally should read before watching this cough cough heres the link to part 1 ( )

Saved These Words – Laura Marling



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  1. grabs Shotgun oh hell no who hurt my sinnamon roll growls I’m torture them and sick these two holds up Dabi & Toga on those bastards

  2. my heart is broken
    my tears are not enough
    my breathe was taken away
    but im still very satisfied jsgsfsgdhjd

    bruh u cannot have this much skills of conveying such raw emotions without at least making a deal with the devil

  3. i cried ? like? your expressions and everything and the music and the final sentence yOU CAN REST NOW? like ???

  4. I was scrolling through search looking for a villain Deku animatic I haven’t seen yet and came across this. I was shookith, how had I not come across this BEAUTIFUL WORK OF ART before? Then I saw it was posted 3 hours ago lol

  5. First of all, this is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING ??❤️??❤️❤️❤️? Second of all, whY MusT yOu tuG aT my hEaRt sTrInGs lIke ThIs-

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