Watch Full Coronavirus Coverage – April 28 | NBC News Now (Live Stream)

Watch Full Coronavirus Coverage – April 28 | NBC News Now (Live Stream)

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Full NBC News NOW Coronavirus Coverage – April 23 | NBC News Now

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  1. “When I am afraid, I will trust in you.” Psalms 56:3

    Are you afraid today friend? Is it time to put your trust in our Creator? Jesus Christ is our rock and strength at all times. Trust in Him, believe whole heartedly and be saved from eternal death unto eternal life! ❤️

    Life is truly difficult (at times more difficult than at other times) i earnestly plead with you, please do not let pride (hubris), ego, fear, insecurity, hate, shame, guilt, bitterness, strife, negative emotional life experiences or anything else hold you back from humbling yourself before All Mighty God and seeking deep relationship reconciliation with Him! Please study about what God’s plan of salvation is and how you can be redeemed through the precious sacrifice ✝️ Jesus made on behalf of His children. ???❤️ God is rich in grace & mercy! I encourage you to seek Him and His will for your life, it’s truly life changing and incredible to know you have been forgiven and loved with an everlasting love and that our Father knows and understands everything we are going through, even the stuff we are afraid at times to share with those closest to us. With Truth & Love, your friend greg.

  2. All 7 billion people should be outside at the same time to protest againt the devil worshippers who are behind the virus!

  3. Is America okay?

    Korea works on weekdays and plays on weekends. It is the atmosphere where the corona ends. I hope America will end soon.

  4. I know a BUNCH of people that believe or are convinced we/they had it between November and March it's crazy.Including My entire household.For example my wife says it felt like a man sitting on her chest,my son had to go to the doctor for his lungs,they gave him steroids.All before shut down here in Michigan.Im trying to get the antibody test to prove it moved through our area b4 lockdown.Nobody has the antibody test!I know I had it,it goes straight to the lungs!

  5. watch onlione coronaviruse updates

  6. you should be here with me, I WON'T BITE YOU, i don't have any teeth we could have a nice time together just the twop of us. of course you could bring along a friend if you wanted.

  7. you're a beautiful little girl. i live in a tiny little house but i have enought room to accomodate two families..

  8. I have never been more ashamed of my fellow Americans who think one or two months of being in their home is such a burden as it will protect all of us. Beaches, hair salons,movie theatres. Perhaps chicken and fish and vegtables are an alternative and it certainly will be more healthy than bacon and pork ribs. If they can think about the Jewish population during WWII who stayed hidden is attics, broom closets for years it would give them some prospective. But I doubt that there will be any reflection and the selfish behavior will continue to prevail. Remember the fall of Rome if you have read this history. Disgraceful.

  9. There has never been a more imperative time to examine what the Bible clearly teaches. Mainstream religion does not provide the answers, as warned by Jesus and the first apostles. It explains how rebellion introduced suffering while raising a universal issue, and how God will shortly restore the peaceful perfect paradise he originally intended. We are in the last days of the satanic system of things on earth, but can survive it. John 17:3. Please visit the non commercial website for free downloadable bible study aids that will help you find answers in your own bible. There is nothing to lose; you must decide for yourself what to accept as truth.

  10. and this is coming from a Governor who only last month said he did'nt know that asymptomatic people infected with the virus can transmit the virus silently ….he did not know about asymptomatic, presymptomatic or very mildly symptomatic spread of this disease ???? ..and he is setting the policy for Georgia, God help the georgians !…….and that is precisely the problem that america faces , we have people screaming about their freedom just because they have to stay home a bit for a month , we have so called kkkristian pastors who try to run over protesters and defy stay home orders from the government because they claim that somehow the governor ( a christian himself ) is trying to prevent him from preaching the gospel of Jesus christ ?……i suspect it is more about Pride ( a deadly sin ) and Greed ( another deadly sin ) …no congregants, no tithe , no dinero in the coffer LOL. Seriously ,so you are saying that you can only talk to God ,if they congregate shoulder to shoulder at your church ? I didnt know that God lives in a church..i thought the Temple is not made of bricks and mortar, but the temple is your living body !…and you can commune with God anywhere in the known and unknown universe , even if you were walking on a planet in the constellation of Epsilon Eridani, because " GOD" transcends time and space and prayer is non local !….by the way the pastor and his congregations tried to run over people with their car and church bus..the pastor tried to back his bus into a protester at his church….that tells you very much they are worshipping a false God ! LOL

  11. China must be accountable for the global pandemic for covering up and must pay for the reparation.When the Chinese doctor Li Wenliang warned the world about the new coronavirus. The Chinese communist regime went to silent him and many other Chinese scientists who worked in Wuhan laboratory. When the Chinese communist regime lockdown Wuhan and stop all traveling from Wuhan to all provinces in China to stop the coronavirus spreading in China. But the Chinese communist regime did not stop the people from Wuhan and the international flights from Wuhan traveling to Italy, Spain, France, Germany and the other country in the world and they knew that the coronavirus could be transmitted from human to human. The Chinese communist regime have successfully unleashed the deadly coronavirus to the world. No nation on earth would prepare for the unexpected coronavirus pandemic after the director of W.H.O doctor Tedro Adhanom told the world in December and on January 14 th that the coronavirus could not be transmitted from human to human until late January then he changed his story which it was already too late because hundreds of thousands people have already been infected and traveling in and out Wuhan and spreading the coronavirus around the globe. Why doctor Tedro Adhanom helps China to cover up because he is corrupted and China invest billions of dollars in his country Ethiopia. He also thought that Chinese communist regime would be able to get the coronavirus under control. President Trump travel banned from China since January. Democrat and media called him racist. Adam Schiff and Nedler the chairman of the house intelligent community spent the most valuable time of the intelligent searching for Ukrainian military aid to impeach president Trump instead of monitoring China. Between December to February Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer were busy on president Trump impeachment trial and wanted John Bolton and more witnesses to testify. If Nancy Pelosi got her way president Trump impeachment trial is still going on until today regardless of the coronavirus pandemic. The Chinese are good and hardworking people and also are the victims as well. The Chinese communist regime unleashed the coronavirus,cyber attacked and stole hundreds of millions the American people data, stealing the US technology, influencing W.H.O , cheating on trade, influencing and lobbying the American media and sport NBA, congress and senate and businessmen and companies such as McKinsey & company who sold out the American workers and shipping the American jobs to China for decades. The mainstream media are not interested to report the truth but trying to destroy president Trump since he was elected from Russian collusion,Robert Mueller, Ukrainian military aid and the impeachment and now in the middle of the pandemic. The truth is matter.

  12. Germ THEORY has been debunked since 1918, when the Boston Health Department failed to infect a single one of the 300 healthy subjects they contaminated with the bodily fluids of "Spanish Flu" carriers. Viruses do not exist the way most have been taught to believe. That is two centuries old medical/corporate (Rockefeller, Carnegie, Gates, Morgan, etc.) propaganda at work. Viruses are Exosomes – solvents for toxic cells. Allopathic medical doctors are trained in Rockefeller funded medical schools without any real nutritional knowledge, taking about two weeks of classes in all their years of study. Abraham Flexner was hired to write up the Rockefeller/Carnegie/Ford/AMA inspired and funded 1910 FLEXNER REPORT, which was used as an excuse to defund, defame and eventually eliminate the holistic medical service and culture. Louis Pasteur was another scientist in league with the Rockefellers, and he pushed the Germ Theory, which is still pushed as fact by the medical schools. Terrain Theory, put into play by Pasteur's rival, Henry Bechamp, says our bodies express bacteria and viruses as cleaning and alarm-messenger agents to other cells. To sell drugs and vaccines, pharmaceutical backed companies, doctors and schools ran with Pasteur's Germ Theory and tried to blamed every disease possible on it. Scurvy, for example, was blamed on infection, yet proven to be caused by a lack of vitamin C. When kids ate asbestos-laden wall chips, docs and scientists blamed their parents for being stupid, rather than themselves for blanketing the planet with harmful drugs, toxins and chemicals. The "progress" driven by the big money in the last couple centuries saw a lot of toxins from lead, arsenic, DDT, asbestos and many pesticides be splayed upon the public. When people got sick their corrupt scientists blamed it on an "infectious" agent that is present during the very toxicity caused by their employers.
    This industry causes 440k deaths a yr in America alone due to "medical errors" (partially defined as an unintended outcome even under correctly administered care) and over 100k annual deaths due to legal drugs. Yet, the rage is nowhere to be found. No new social norms have formed around their murder – except for chronic drug use/dependance. And this is only from the reports we know about! Taking into account hackeneyed "studies", unreported medical errors and overdoses, and unreported adverse vaccine effects that cause all sorts of chronic diseases, neurological disorders and death, it's abundantly clear that the pharmaceutical-backed medical industry is not aimed at healing the population, but rather, at reducing their prolificity, health and power through deceptions of the highest degree. Healthcare, or deathcare? Take Polio: As farmers & communities began to spray the first arsenic-based "Paris Green" in the late 1800s to control insects, and then lead-arsenate, more cases of paralysis and poisoning appeared, but with no detectable source of "infection." When the public began to question possible toxicity from pesticides, they were shouted down and mocked – but not challenged with actual scientific data. "Reports of children killed by arsenic poisoning began to surface, and authorities who had worked tirelessly to enforce the mandatory application of pesticides blamed the deaths on improper spraying techniques by reckless farmers." – The Moth and the Iron Lung
    DDT was invented in Germany in 1873. The first recorded case of paralytic polio was in Sweden around 1886. And back then, all types of paralysis were diagnosed as polio. According to the World Health Organization, a vaccine strain of polio is running uncontrolled across Africa right now. DDT was in widespread use across America for years and is still in widespread use in many "third world" countries. At the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research (now Rockefeller University) it was Abraham’s older brother Simon Flexner who was frantically poking around in the bone marrows of lab animals to find/create/pass on the polio virus. Scientists would go on to drill holes into the brains of monkeys and pour toxic spinal gunk into it until achieving the desired results: One monkey died and another got paralyzed and then some. This was heralded as the polio "vaccine". So in stark contrast to the claim that vaccines save lives, it's the vaccinees themselves that are a big problem. So, how was polio "eradicated"? The corporate elite simply stopped spraying everyone with pesticides, rolled out a toxic vaccine and then took credit for helping people, while getting rich from the misery they caused in the first place!

    To anyone with eyes to see, this is all an obvious PLANdemic by Bill Gates and his friends, who's depopulation plans are literally WRITTEN IN STONE in the Georgia Guidestones, depicted in the DIA mural and performed in the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony – nevermind the fact that they've been spoken by the likes of David Rockefeller, Ted Tuner and Billy G. himself. Look at how many people are indoors, scrubbing down their home with chemicals, washing their hands (destroying their microbiome) and glued to a screen like their favorite horror movie was on repeat as they wait for a rescue-needle pushed by a computer guy who funds the very institutions set to profit from them.

  13. First Defence COVID 19 Screening System

    Our First Defense Screening System is a simple, low-cost, thermal imaging system designed to automate body temperature screening using skin temperature as a proxy. Which can be installed in lobbies, hallways, and other key access points to help businesses, institutions, and venues create a safer environment for their workforce, customers, members, and patrons. Easy-to-install and easy-to-use, the system can be up and running in30 minutes with no special equipment or training.

    This first Defence Screening System is Perfect for




    Government facilities

    Sports venues


    And any other place people want to interact with each other

    How it works

    The First Defence System is specifically designed and calibrated to deliver accurate skin temperature measurements while enabling social distancing protocols. In seconds, the system automatically detects a face, identifies the most reliable facial features for measurement, and displays an alert if someone is warmer than the customizable alarm temperature.

    Unlike typical industrial thermal cameras, The First Defence System was developed for precise skin temperature measurement and maximizes accuracy by referencing a fixed heat source with a known temperature value. Including a fixed heat source in the system lets The First Defence System produces much higher accuracy than a standard thermal imaging camera. The First Defence System process provides an additional layer of preventive screening and can deliver more peace of mind to businesses, institutions, and customers.

    We all know that COVID attacks the respiratory system first.

    The second layer of the system is a simple pulse oximeter also called a "pulse ox," it painlessly clips to your finger and uses light to determine the percentage of oxygen in your blood and your heart rate.

    This will give us 2 checkpoints that every person entering a business from employees, vendors to the customer at least meet these minimum requirements. If you don’t meet the minimum oxygen content you need to refer to your doctor as you at risk and should not be out in public until your respiratory system has been restored to a healthy condition.

    With these simple fast screens in place, you can assure your employees, vendors, and customers that you are the safest place to do business with and you care about there safety.

    This would be a Level one defense system to minimize the spread of the disease and allow the business to be certified COVID Free and reopen.

    We have level 2 and level 3 Systems call to talk about your needs

    Cell 425-770-9466

    Director Biz Development

    Longevity Health

    P.S We are starting to ship systems May 1st we only have 100 systems in stock ready to ship so if you want to get on the list or order reach out today

    Call 425-770-9466

  14. Is the food they're processing tainted with covid-19? Will be we be informed about it if so? You should be the 1st to expose it when it happens. How about ToGo orders from restaurants

  15. If you focus on responsibility to your own people as a government, it would help people.

    But, scapegiating others for your own failures in a global world is fear-politics only.

  16. All those with jobs are telling us to stay home those with businesses are telling us to buy Democrats are telling us to be scared the Chinese are happy your information is enlightening

  17. We are being
    lied to about the severity of the Coronavirus and it is being politicized. 1st,
    ask yourself, why was the economy not shut down when the SWINE flu or SARS hit?
    Also, the Spanish flu (which was not termed a racist) killed 50 million people
    all over the world and almost 1 million in the U.S. It did not shut down the
    world and our nation. Now having said that, aren’t we WAY more medically
    advanced than they were at that time in 1918, so why are we shutting down? Is
    there an AGENDA behind this shutdown?

    Also, why
    are our civil liberties being trampled by some governors and politicians? Where
    does it say in our constitution that we can assemble “UNLESS” there is a
    pandemic? Isn’t it my choice whether I want to go out and get sick or not and
    why cant the vulnerable (which is less than the whole world) be warned to stay
    home and if they chose not to, suffer the consequences? Why are there some
    politicians who want to see this go on till fall, it is because the election in
    Nov and trying to keep a bad economy?

    Finally, this
    world had diseases almost from day 1 and will continue to have more long after
    we are gone. So will we keep shutting down the world everytime we have a new
    disease or it because it is an election year?

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