Watch This Before You See John Wick 3

Watch This Before You See John Wick 3

John Wick could have been just another action movie, but what audiences got was something else entirely. John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum hits theaters May 17, and promises to take viewers even deeper into the world of assassins and their various vendettas. Here’s what you should watch before you head to the theater.

There’s a lot of great dialogue in the first John Wick film, but we all know which one is the true money line:

“People keep asking if I’m back and I haven’t really had an answer… but now, yeah, I’m thinking I’m back!”

It’s as much a statement about the character of John Wick as it is a battle cry for Keanu Reeves the actor. Reeves had a string of hits in the ’90s, including a little movie you might’ve heard of called The Matrix, but then came the sequels. After their mixed reception, it seemed like Keanu’s star was finally descending.

He continued to work on smaller films and passion projects, but he didn’t truly rise to prominence again until 2014, when he donned a suit and dug up a lockbox full of guns and gold coins in John Wick. Reeves was back in the spotlight with plenty of momentum, and will even be returning to his first iconic role in the long awaited Bill and Ted Face the Music alongside Alex Winter. Yeah, we’re thinking he’s back.

The first entry in the John Wick franchise is incredibly straightforward. For those who haven’t seen it — spoiler alert — a man named John Wick who has recently lost his wife learns that she had adopted a puppy for him. He takes the puppy in and loves it with all of his heart for a single day. But after a chance run-in with the dirtbag son of a mob boss, things go wrong. That dirtbag son decides he wants John’s car, so he goes and takes it, and in the process, he kills John’s dog. This is a big mistake.

Continue watching the video find out what you should know before you see John Wick 3.

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He’s back | 0:17
Man on the run | 1:13
Calling in a favor | 3:05
Friends and foes | 4:08
Walk the walk | 5:26
Enter: Continental | 6:09



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  1. How do you think the John Wick franchise will hold up over time? It seems destined to be an action classic – at least to us.

  2. As annoying as these voices who rant on and on are, this helped me avoid wasting time watching wick 2

  3. The training alone so reminds me of Marine & Army Expertises in creating A Excellent Marksman skills – not done yet ?- All the martial arts training is incredible & Beautiful choreography & filming

  4. The Expendables: we old but tough anybody want to try us?

    John Wick: drops his pencil

    The Expendables: get on their plane.

  5. There will be John Wick 4 coming out because he wasn’t dead and people were saying plz can John Wick 4 come out than I think there was more people agreeing than disagreeing it might come out in 2020 or 2021 not sure when but yay

  6. What I think is amazing about Hollywood is how incredibly effective they are at pulling humanity along on their programming ride. Coded to ultra violence. Desensitized to absolute destruction of creation. Turning reverence for life into total apathy if not disdain. Bravo – it is masterful. The upside down and live.

    I wonder though… how much longer do you think it will last?

  7. The MAN right chea' ! I respect every actor that changed their style, like Scarlett Johansson who went from romcom to cinema MMA Master, Keanu , Robert Downey's trial through drugs and his career.. love it. That dedication is admirable in any area of life. The most important lesson in all of this, however, is – don't kill the boogeyman puppy ?✊?

  8. Keanu Reeves is the most critically underrated actor working today. He delivers his lines as well as any actor working today. And he is physically proficient as a martial arts student and former hockey star. Looking forward to seeing future installments of this franchise.

  9. Ok, when is four coming out. I hope they don’t take forever. Even if they do a TV Series, I still want four.

  10. When other people who know John Wick, see John Wick…"John, are you working?"
    That's was some serious clout…lol

  11. This movie needed more pencilsssss.
    Just like Christopher Walken needs more cow-bells……
    Have you seen John Fake?

    1)Angelina Jolie "WANTED"
    2)Christian Bale "EQUILIBRIUM "
    3)Keanu Reeves "JOHN WICK"
    4)Will Smith "SUICIDE SQUAD"
    5) Helen Mirren "RED"

  13. John Wick 1 the mob boss put a hit on him didn't work. John Wick 2 same thing didn't work. Don't they realise that the man can't be killed.

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