Welcome to the NHK – Sato's Awakening (Spoilers)

Welcome to the NHK – Sato's Awakening (Spoilers)

EPISODE 23 SPOILERS!! This is one of my favorite scenes in the anime.




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  1. Did anybody else notice the naruto reference behind sato's t-shirt? (Actually, not in this episode) There is sharingan sign which may mean that he is under genjutsu.

  2. Such an underrated anime mainly because it’s from the mid 2000s if this came out a few years ago it would be popular

  3. Hand of God (JP: Kami no itte)
    [GNT] Proverbs 14:23 Work and you will earn a living; if you sit around talking you will be poor.

  4. So many of these comments worshiping Misaki, which is pathetic imo and shows that they are not paying attention to the show or let alone the source material (manga) at all. I'm not even philosophizing here, it's shown in the anime very explicitly if one pays attention: Anime Misaki is scheming and devious, and Manga Misaki is borderline psychopathic.

    It's been dropped in many episodes how she's the kind of person who feeds on Satou's misery to make herself feel better. Manipulative and co-dependent, she makes him dependent on her emotionally by projecting a "saviour" image to make him worship her. Guess what happens when Satou gets a job and stops being a NEET? She decides to commit suicide. She grooms his habit and pretends to save him only to torment him and to get him hooked on her, but when he escapes NEET lifestyle, she loses her purpose and her only leverage to put her as a not-so-worthless human being (as opposed to being completely worthless if Satou is no longer around).

    Like she said herself in her counseling sessions: one of the ways to gain confidence is to find someone more worthless to look down upon and Satou is the only person around that fits the criteria for her, so she tries to keep him alive and well as a NEET as a reminder that there can be a worse existence than her own. If anyone still think she's so "angelic" and "innocent" as they believe, then watch the scene where Satou is about to jump the cliff and LISTEN to what she is saying through the megaphone. If that's not a big red flag, then someone is clearly stupid or thirsty; a perfect victim for her type.

  5. As sad as this scene is, I find it very motivational. Even when you're at rock bottom, you can always find a way to change. It's never too late.

  6. This scene as well as the whole anime was a profound masterpiece. It made me appreciate my NEET lifestyle, I’m going to try and enjoy it for as long as it lasts.

  7. The show does make Misaki pretty fantasy like. But I mean she's actually creepy when you think about it. She had been stalking this guy for a while. They didn't even go to the same school or anything. I don't know if I'd want that, no matter how cute the chick is. Anyway I've once had a cute chick approach me back in high school despite having hermit like characteristics. I was a straight up loner. We hung out for a while but in the end it didn't work out because she was actually really shallow. Turns out she didn't know I was friendless until a couple months later and that's when she left. But I suppose that actually can be a legitimate deal breaker now that i think about it. I mean girls have standards just like us guys do. She actually got tired of trying to "fix me". I gotta admit this was the best outcome to the relationship for both of us. It would have never worked out right. She deserved a man, not a scared timid boy.

  8. reminds of the time when i was starving and had no choice but to go out to the store and get something to eat after that my shut-in days were over and i started going out more. so i get the only way way to cure a neet is to starve them

  9. It might to be stupid for sane people, but for those who experienced HIKIKOMORI this episode can not be seen without tears.

  10. Gotta love the piano version of the ED song playing in the background. Very moving. It is subtly differently from the one on the OST.

  11. Somehow this made me okay with the upcoming average miseable life ill probably have to live with. The sad thing is I really thought that one day id rule the world.

  12. Person on me has a very sensitive stomach and suffers from health issues. Should not eat processed food at all ? ⛲

    #everywhereyougoalwaystaketheweatherwithyou ?
    #thelogictheft ⛽

  13. 22 episodes of sato finding ways to escape his hikikomori condition, only for it to be suddenly resolved in this way…
    this scene was so heavy to watch

  14. still watching this video! best anime ever
    i'm always watching this when i'm going to apply for a job. #motivation

  15. That job Sato took must've been high turnover for him to get approved. I once worked a high turnover job for 4 months before landing my career. Or maybe he was lucky or shown sympathy. Perhaps his helper spiritually intervened to guarantee Sato work when he was finally ready to change.

  16. Guys, don't wait for an actual Misaki to come along and save you. Misaki is within you. She's knocking, just let her in.

  17. Worthless people live only to eat and drink; people of worth eat and drink only to live.
    – Socrates

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