Welcome to the NHK – Youkoso! Hitori Bocchi (Instrumental)


Welcome to the NHK – Youkoso! Hitori Bocchi (Instrumental)

I tried my best to remove the vocals while still keeping the guitar, piano and bassline intact. Did this in an hour after finding no good instrumental version for the song on YT. So please cut me some slack if you can hear the subdued vocals. Thank you.

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  1. I really think this instrumental evokes something from the Brit pop era from the 90s, Noel Gallagher could well been singing along the notes.

  2. You guys are so lucky that you didn't read manga… It was 100x more depressing and i'm not exaggerating.. Sometimes i still find myself thinking about the end in middle of night and can not sleep… That's when i come here.

  3. you have a great job removing vocal its noticeable but it was very smooth i cant replicate it. how did you do it

  4. There's this quiet unease laying in silence. Time moving slowly. Each passing moment feeling like an eternity. Stimulants makes it easier. Makes the time seem like it's moving faster. Until you realize, what exactly you're doing. It's hopeless to be this way but it cant be helped. It's better than laying there doing nothing. Each day…almost as though it'll never end. Almost as though, you can't face the oblivion of nothing.

  5. Somehow I think Welcome to NHK is similar to Tatami Galaxy. These two are my particular favourites

  6. Out of everything in this show, the music is what stuck with me the most. This track in particular. Halfway through the show I started feeling this pit in my stomach whenever I heard the opening guitar. Probably due to something bad happening to Sato whenever this bloody song plays. Even after I finished the anime, I'd feel that pit in my stomach whenever I listened to this song. This show is a masterpiece.

  7. When i watched this show, in the scene where they all are going to jump off that cliff and that one guy starts talking about his mother, my own mother entered my room and i bursted in tears like i never did before. By watching this anime, i realized how much i mean to other people but i don't really realize it. After watching it i started going out with my friends more, it changed my life and made me think not only for me but for others as well.

  8. I did it too. 12 years ago. They killed my soul with the vocals. Your remix is better than mine.

  9. 10 years later and I'm still listening to this song, feelings as strong as the first time I heard it; I'll probably listen to it after 10 more years, if I'm still around..

  10. Today I just got accepted on the work I have applied for, I am getting better. This song and this anime really helped me. Thanks guys

  11. hey y'all. me and a small group have a discord channel for nhk fans to vent about life and stuff like that. the comments in these videos are also so poignant and supportive, so we're hoping to have the same kind of atmosphere. and since so many NHK videos have been copyright claimed recently, it can also be a place where years of memories won't be deleted randomly. please stop by if you're interested! https://discord.gg/x32WVrr

  12. I just turned 22, been a Neet for 4 years, dont have anyone left, im disappointed in myself. Never thougth id find myself in Satos position

  13. They’re mocking us.. they must be i mean think about it.. adverts.. posters happy go lucky tv characters they’ve broken us crippled us even and we keep coming back for more they toy with us and we let them maybe we like it? Or maybe we’re like trained dogs taught to bark sit and shit on command.. I swear it’s a conspiracy.

    Hey.. you ever wonder what it must be like to be a bird?

  14. I found this anime by pure chance and I am so glad that I did. I accidentally skipped episode 14 and after realizing that after finishing the finale, I decided to watch it anyway. After seeing the ending of the anime, seeing episode 14 for the first time was the only time that I cried. Seeing the parents of the two characters scald them for what they almost did on the island just hit me hard. I want more people to care about my life…

  15. I like how the ending was ambiguous. It's just like irl, you don't really know if it gets better. Maybe it's the same as always or maybe it's less emptier. But whatever it is I think we should put in the effort to get better even though you won't know the outcome because then at least you can say you tried. Don't give up until you can say you tried everything.

  16. any of yall coming to this song because of the anime should read this light novel it was based off of.


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